Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brief Note

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am going out of town this weekend. I have some unpleasant stuff to deal with. However on the bright side, while I am gone, I will be taking my kids to the zoo and a museum, so we should have some fun, too. And as of this morning my weight was 218.5... so if I can keep a grip I may even come back Monday ready to post those 60 pounds gone pictures! I have a plan, to eat healthy, do lots of walking, and if the hotel has a bike I will use it (and swim with the kids). This has always been a huge challenge for me (eating right while away from home) but since I was able to do it last time (when I hiked those falls), I think I can do it again.

An acquaintance of mine has often told me, "Tell your feelings to shut up." What great advice that has been for me. Of course, it doesn't mean we should ignore our feelings. It means that when our emotions are trying to make us do something that is not beneficial, DON'T LISTEN.

Feelings: "This is SO stressful. You really need to eat some donuts to deal with the stress!"
Me: "Shut up. I don't need any donuts. I am going to ride my bike."
Feelings: "You are so sad right now. Wouldn't a nice loaf of warm bread with a stick of butter make you feel better?"
Me: "Shut up. Butter never fixed anything."
Feelings: "You are very angry. This is not fair. You shouldn't have to deal with this. Here, have a half pound bag of M&M's."
Me: "Shut up. That's stupid. Maybe I will punch you in the lip if you don't stop offering me food."
Feelings: "Okay, I am shutting up."

We have to feel our feelings. We have to get through the rough stuff. It's life. There is good stuff ahead.

Have a sweet weekend. Hug your family and be good to yourself.


Anonymous said...

Lots of walking is good for dealing with stress as well. The zoo especially should be a good place for walking. Enjoy your kids.

I am looking forward to your 60 pounds gone forever pictures.

Sorry you're having a tough time. I'm glad you're fueling yourself with healthy foods. The list of foods you posted yesterday(?) looks really yummy.


Dinah Soar said...

Your friend gave you some great advice. Wonderful post too...

Our feelings are a clue to what we are thinking and hence believing.

If I "feel" like a failure, usually my thinking is along the lines of "you never do anything right" or "what's wrong with you?"

But when I change my thinking to "well, I messed up but I'll do better next time" or "I'm human", the way I "feel" changes too.

Jesus, the great teacher and son of God, said: "as a man thinketh, in his heart so is he". The issues of our heart/mind/thinking all too often determine our outward behavior.

I often tell people if you want to know what a person thinks, what he believes, see how "he be living"...

The way I "feel" is not as important as what I believe about myself or my circumstances.

When I learned this...when I learned to tell my feeling to shut up and challenged them with truth, I totally changed my life.

Not only are you losing weight, you are gaining wisdom! Wisdom is invaluable---and it can't be purchased.

You have you whole life ahead of you...anything is possible, so dwell on the possibilities, not the past and its failings.

And congrats on staying the course!

Twix said...


Anonymous said...

I just so admire how you can stick to it despite upheavals. How you always look for the bright side.

Happy and safe trip to you and your wee ones. Come back thinner and full of joy!

The Princess

Ceres said...

I hope the ugly stuff you have to deal with doesn't bring you down too much, and that you enjoy your kids' company!
Looking forward to the pics, you'll have to take those sooner or later :-)

Vickie said...

LOVED the "shut up" - hugs to you - hope that your week goes as smoothly - as evenly - as possible under the circumstances.

Arachne said...

Lyn, you are a rockstar! I wish you the very best! We all love you!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Just sending you some warm fuzzies since you have yucky stuff to deal with!

Ryry the Adventurous said...

Yeah, tell those bullies we call 'feelings' to shut their traps. They aren't going to get what they want - to pull you back into that pit of despair! You rock Lyn, hope you had a good weekend despite the troubles!

aerorunnergirl said...


Good for you for not allowing that line between hunger and emotion to become blurred. I firmly believe that if you stay in control of the things you have control over, then the things you don't have control over don't seem quite as scary.

That being said, life has a dirty curveball... I'm wishing you loads of strength and wisdom dealing with your unpleasant issues!

Katschi said...
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Katschi said...

"Despite despair, be well."--Timothy Findley
You are a great role model and strong woman.

Joan said...

My heart goes out to you-- please stay strong, remember how far you have come, and take your comfort in your friends and family. Continue to nourish yourself well. You deserve it.

Honi said...

so funny I read this post today I was just talking about feelings and food.. and I said the old voice in my head said.. eat this you will feel better.. I told my friend I used have to say SHUT UP BITCH all the time to that voice.. now the voice says hey if you drink all your water you will feel better.. if you go for a walk you will feel better... I like the new voice.. she is much less stresful rock on for the good voices.. hope u are doing well..