Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vacation Plans, and Update (232)

I am taking the kidlets on a mini-vacation for spring break. Yay! We are leaving Monday morning and we'll be home Wednesday afternoon... and I am really hoping I will not gain a ton of weight on this little jaunt. We'll be staying at a hotel with a water park attached, so there will be opportunity for lots of fun and swimming (although I won't be doing laps or anything with a toddler). They have a recumbent exercise bike in their fitness room! I will try and get a ride in. I even did my strength training for Monday today so I won't be missing a session.

My goal is to not gain more than 2 pounds on this trip. We will have a couple of meals on the road, and the rest of the meals at the hotel. You know the "Continental Breakfasts" aka donuts and coffee?? That's what we get. Usually they have some fresh fruit and cereal, though, and I can get by okay on a bowl of raisin bran and an orange (and coffee). They have a lunch and dinner buffet as well, and a Starbucks, a Pizza Hut, a Cafe and a Bakery and FUDGE SHOP attached to the hotel. Um, yeah. You can guess how this would have gone if I went last year:

Breakfast: 5 donuts and 3 coffees... sneak a couple danishes out for a snack later

Lunch: half a Pizza Hut supreme Pan pizza with a couple of Cokes. Ice cream at the ice cream shop, a couple pastries from the bakery

Snack: large mocha frappuchino and a treat from Starbuck's

Dinner: all I could possibly stuff into my body, from the buffet. Not one vegetable. All fatty stuff. Including 4 or 5 desserts. Yeah I have done that.

After the kids are asleep: a pound of fudge that I bought and snuck back into the room. Yes, I would eat it all myself. Of course I would buy some for the kids too, but out of 2 pounds of fudge, I definitely would have eaten more than half.

Not this year! I am going to choose as healthy as I can without feeling deprived. It IS vacation and I am NOT going to count calories. I am going to have yummy food. I am even going to allow myself ONE treat from the bakery/fudge shop IF it looks good and IF I am on plan otherwise. That's my plan. Let's see how I fare.

And yes, I weighed in at 232 pounds this morning. A new low! I am excited. I feel great. This is so worth it.

See ya when I get back!


Twix said...

Congratulations on the new low! Enjoy your vacation and the swimming!! :)

Chubby Chick said...

I hope you and your kids have a wonderful vacation! Just focus on moderation... not deprivation.

And congrats on the new low! That is fantastic! And I just know that you are going to be under 200 before you know it! Keep up the good work, girl! :)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Congratulations on hitting a new low! And that sounds like a good idea for your vacation. I hope you and yours have a great time.

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog a little while back as well! (Sorry it took so long to respond in kind :D)

Sunny said...

Sounds like fun! Congratulations on the new number. Enjoy your mini-vacation.

Cathy said...

I have 32 pounds left to lose, and you have 33 pounds until you say goodbye to the 200's! You can do it!

Have a super time away!

Honi said...

enjoy the break and congrats on the weight loss YAY!!

Heather said...

have a great time! at least you know what to expect and can plan for what you want to eat that fits with your healthy lifestyle. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your progress! I'm new to 3FC's and found your blog. I've enjoyed it so much and am really rooting for you to reach your goal!

Have a lovely trip with your kids.


Anne H. said...

I know that these are old posts (I started reading your blog from the beginning a few weeks ago). I never post online but I just felt such an overwhelming need to tell you how amazing your posts are. I feel like I could have written them. Since starting to read I have dropped 4 lbs (only 96 more to go). Thank you so much for doing this. You inspire me!!!