Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sugar Trigger

I think I figured something out.

The other day my young son brought home a "special" candy bar he bought for me at a fundraiser at school. One of my old favorites... See's milk chocolate with almonds. I have not had any candy bars in months! But this seemed like something I could fit into my plan. So I checked the calories: 310 for the whole thick bar. I could easily have half one day and half the next and stay under 1500 calories.

So yesterday I had half after dinner. Today I had the other half after lunch. Then it hit me... terrible cravings for more and more chocolate. Suddenly I had visions of Reece's Cups dancing in my head. I ate lots of fruits and veggies and protein but all I could think about was candy (and cheesecake). By evening I had that crazy feeling of HAVING TO HAVE it. You know, the kind of feeling that leads to you going through every cabinet in the kitchen, desperate for ANYTHING chocolate... searching under bags and boxes hoping that a few chocolate chips fell out of that bag you had last month. And this ravenous craving led to my intake of 6 small pieces of dark chocolate (220 calories total, bringing me to about 1700 for the day). It was the old insanity rearing its ugly head. I have been keeping little dark chocolate squares on hand and having one every so often with no problem. But I guess a thick milk chocolate bar was just too much because it seemed to set off some kind of trigger in me.

So now I know. I'm going to have to be a bit more careful with the candy. Sugar does seem to bring on a desire for MORE sugar. I am better off avoiding it anyway. I really love my veggies and I wouldn't have missed or desired that candy bar if my son had not brought it home for me. Next time I will do what I did when my other child gave me some chocolate for Christmas: have one taste, thank them profusely, and then generously SHARE it with all the other children!

No weight gained, but lesson learned.


Heather said...

I definitely had noticed similar feelings as well. when I started what I am doing now back in august, I cut out most processed foods and sugar. then I think around xmas where I ate some things that were not on my plan, I had crazy cravings for things because one you let that sugar back in, your body wants it. if you can stay away from it, its amazing how you really dont have any cravings. that is what has helped me be successful.

Yogi Wannabe said...

I could have written that post! Sugar is my mortal enemy. It turns me from a broccoli loving girl to a stranger who will walk barefoot in a snowstorm if it leads to candy.

Evil, that sugar is!

Keep up the good are going to make it!

Lynne said...

When you don't have something for a long time you eventually lose your taste for it.

I KNOW how much I love chocolate and I tried a piece a day, then every other and now none - NO candy for now - I can't control myself.

I think it's great that you are paying so close attention to what your body is telling you... and the best part is that you are listening!!


Hanlie said...

Sugar is a drug, as much as nicotine and cocaine are drugs! Great lesson! You may be interested in the book "Sugar Blues" by William Duffy.

Anonymous said...

Also may want to check out Sugar Busters:

What a valuable lesson learned. I learn it over and over and over... I think, "This time will be different. This time I will only have one piece. This time I won't obsess about it."


Donna B said...

Haven't had any candy since the Christmas holidays, but last night had a very small piece of my nephews birthday cake. SAME FEELINGS! I could have licked the icing off the rest of the cake. Sugar is a real red light food for me and I need to stay away from it.

PS: YES! You can definately see a BIG change in your body after losing the 40#'s. Keep up the good work!

desiree said...

Im always craving for junk food and sugary stuff, i also want to stop drinking diet coke as that also trigger my binges and chocolate M & M

I read nearly all your post and you are such an inspiration to me. I cried when reading your post on Men,all my life i have allowed my weight be a barrier to them, never letting anyone in, but your sucess has made me realise we can do it, we just have to start doing it.


Anonymous said...

If you get a craving for chocolate...try a teaspoon of cocoa powder in a cup of hot water. You can add a diet sweetner, but I drink without sweetner. It tastes strange at first, but I like it now.

barbra brusk said...

lyn, when your husband comes back, he is gonna find ANOTHER wife.
BECAUSE you look totally different.
did he notice??

Teale said...

It's good that you are able to identify your triggers. For some reason, sugar isn't like this for me. I'm actually more likely to go overboard if I DON'T have a small amount when I'm craving it. This journey certainly is a learning experience!

Ryry the Adventurous said...

I could have written that post, except my trigger is Thin Mints. It's like a sober alcoholic seeing that dirty martini and instantly falling off the wagon... food addiction is harder to cope with, since we need food every day. Thin mints are my addiction. I shun you, thin mints. >< And GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Honi said...

dark chocolate usually will not trigger that little sugar attack.. I find the same thing happens to me if I eat milk choc.. but a little square of dark choc.. and I am fine.. I dont know why I react like that.. but I sure can relate to that post..

HotHarmony said...

Oh how I love sugar, but you are right it is truly a trigger food. I find even more so with highly processed sugar.