Monday, March 31, 2008

A Little More Freedom

For years and years I have been saying, "I hate mopping." I just dreaded the chore. I paid my kids to do it. I avoided it like the plague. As a result, my floors have not been mopped as often as I would like. I finally just started using a wet Swiffer to wipe the floors once a week. It was ok, but not really as clean as I wanted.

Well this weekend I finally had it with the floors. I wanted them sparkly clean. So I bought a new mop and I went to it. On Saturday I mopped 2 bathrooms, the entryway, the dining room and the kitchen. On Sunday I mopped the other bathroom, the hallway, and the family room. And you know what???


I actually enjoyed it. It was a good workout, I felt it in my core and arms and I worked up a little sweat but I was not at all huffing and puffing and sore when I got done. And I LOVE the clean sparkly floors! I liked it so much that I decided I will mop all the floors like that every weekend (yeah, like normal people do).

After giving it a bit of thought, I realized that the reason I have hated mopping was because it was really too hard for me to do comfortably. I mean, just getting the bucket full of water had me exhausted, I was so out of shape. And trying to push and pull that mop past my bulging hips and belly without falling over was like an elephant trying to ride a unicycle. It HURT to mop, and I really did hate it. I remember reading a phrase somewhere several years ago, where an obese woman was lamenting something like, "I just want to be able to clean the house in jeans and a t-shirt. Is that too much to ask? To clean my house and not want to fall over and die of exhaustion?" I related to that. I wanted that. And while I am still a ways away from THAT goal, I CAN comfortably wear jeans and a t-shirt and mop all my floors, and feel good afterwards.

Yet another thing that has finally come within my reach because of this weight loss: the ability to have my house as clean as I want it to be.

I am so glad I am losing this weight. The fat prison had so many more bars than I ever realized.


Trisha J. said...

Congrats on the wonderful feeling of freedom! However, I don't think anything will EVER make me like to mop! LOL That is the chore I hate the most as well. :-)

Kathy said...

I noticed just yesterday that I'm able to reach around the back of the bathroom fixtures and clean was almost an impossibility before losing some weight. Now if I could just feel safe climbing a ladder again!

Anonymous said...

I managed to single-handedly dig myslef out of one the worst snow-storms in recent memory. The task would have been impossible at my initial level of physical health and weight. Instead, after three hours of solid snow removal, I was all done.

I am looking forward to tackling a drainage problem in the backyard this spring. Lots of digging and shoveling gravel.

Phil said...

Hi lyn. I have been reading your blog for a little bit, having found you through Tina at Momma on a Mission. I know what you are thinking having that free feeling as the weight goes off. Keep it up.


Ready to Shrink said...

The chore I hated was grocery shopping. 95 lbs ago I used to have my groceries delivered. Now I go to the store at least twice a week once for the staples and then the second time for a refill on fruits and veggies cause I like them super fresh.

I love going to the grocery store now. I feel like I am taking steps every week to keeping myself and my hubby healthy by loading up on fruits and veggies.

Dottie said...

I'm still at the point where everything is hard. I guess maybe I shouldn't say 'still' because I did only start the journey a month ago and shouldn't expect a miracle :). Congratulations on feel free! I can't wait to get there too.

Anonymous said...

it is lovely being able to watch you learn all these new things about yourself. it is such a pleasure, thanks for letting us all watch. :)

Heather said...

I am so glad for you too! housework does burn a lot of calories if you really get into it.

Anonymous said...

Your phraes "This fat prison has so many more bars than one realizes..." hit me hard.

I havent been able to clean my home like I liked to in over 8 years.