Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 1, 2008: 248 pounds

Yeah, I know today is the second, but that is my update for the first of the month. So, my loss for December is, officially, zero. Granted, I didn't gain. But I had gotten down to 241! I had lost SEVEN pounds and then re-gained it ALL over a period of two weeks. I am more than annoyed...

So, here we are in a brand new year. Everyone in the non-starving world is on some kind of diet today, trying to make their New Years Resolution stick. It's the same resolution they made last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. But it never sticks. I think they should call it an Old Years Resolution. Nothing new about it. Everyone and his fat brother is online right now searching the web for the next best quick weight loss plan, scheme, pill, drink, or potion. Google is overloaded with requests for "lose weight fast," "drop pounds quickly," and "easy weight loss." People are shelling out MILLIONS of dollars for the HOPE that something, anything, will get the pounds off them.

Well have I got a deal for you! I have the real answer. I have the diet to end all diets. The miracle weight loss cure. I hve found the key to dropping that fat forever, getting thin and healthy, and losing those stubborn pounds for good! Are you ready? Here it comes. The best FREE weight loss plan you will ever see on the web.


Yeah. That's it. That is THE KEY to 90% of the obesity problem in the USA. You didn't get morbidly obese eating salad with no dressing and jogging 6 miles a day. Stop eating cookies. You don't need ANY. Stop eating pepperoni and salami. Stop eating hot dogs and burgers. There is just no reason anyone NEEDS to eat cookies, candy, cupcakes, cheese, and milkshakes. So stop it. Eat vegetables, eat fruit, eat whole grains, beans, legumes. Have some fish and chicken breast. It ain't rocket science. Get up and move to the best of your ability. Turn off the TV and computer and get up and DO something.

Yes, I realize there are a few people with medical problems making weight loss more complicated, but that's why I said for at least 90% of people THIS is the key. Please don't get offended. Of course I know it is not that "simple." I hate it when some skinny person says to me, "well if you just eat less and exercise you'll lose weight." How do THEY know?? Do they know the turmoil in my brain when I am stressed and NEED comfort food? Do they know the overwhelming cravings I face on an almost daily basis? How could they understand the emotional pain of a binge disorder, or of being so fat that it HURTS to move at all? But in reality, it is true. What we need to do, MUST do to lose weight, is cut the calories and increase the calorie-burning. As hard as it is, we have to find OUR OWN plan to do this. For some, it means cutting sugar and fat, and going swimming 3x a week. For others, it means counting calories and doing yoga daily. Weight Watchers might work for one person, while Slim Fast works for someone else. South Beach Diet, Atkins, whatever. Doesn't matter. Quit seeking the magic potion. The magic potion is YOU.

Get motivated and stick to SOMETHING, anything, and you will see results. You have to be patient and give it time. LOTS of time. I wanted to lose 100 pounds in 6 months, but instead, I lost 30 pounds since August. You have to accept that it may come off slowly, but the important thing is that it COMES OFF. Or else, you will be making your same resolution next New Year's Day, and you will weigh the same or more than what you weigh today. It's up to you. Will you make it happen?

If you're new here, may I humbly suggest that you go back and read my first few blogs, back in August. I personally find it motivating to see how far I have come in this journey already. I was SUFFERING. Even 30 pounds has made a huge difference in my life. But I'm not done. Far from it! I am moving forward in my escape from obesity. You can do this. Never give up.


~Diet Goddess~ said...

Lyn - I'm a newbie reader (and a complete and utter dork, just so that we get that cleared up right away), just discovering your blog over my Christmas break, and I wanted to let you know that you are absolutely correct! I'm one of those Old Year's Resolution people. I've been trying for so, so long to get back into "The Zone," where staying on track and keeping up with my exercise is fairly easy, instead of the constant battle that it has become. I spent my Christmas break searching out inspirational blogs and websites to help me find my way back. Yours was one of those that I chose (no pressure, right??? hehe). It's good to know that there are others out there struggling just as I am.

Thank you!

Bren said...

What a great blog. And I must absolutely, positively add my endorsement to yours: eat sensibly and exercise regularly. Seriously, that's it, you're right! At the end of February 2007, I was 280; today I'm 185 and falling! All I did was walk, and eat good meals. No extreme diets, no starving myself, no pills or potions. I eat good meals and I exercise. That's the way to go.

Teale said...

The same thing happened to me.... I made NO progress this past month. But hey, at least it wasn't a gain! Here's to 2008!

Lidian said...

I love your blog, and I think you are spot on, I just had to write you and say so. And I loved the butternut mac and cheese recipe - thank you SO much! Everyone loved it and I love the Veggie Venture site thanks to you too.

This eat fewer calories/ move around more thing always has worked for me better than anything else! :)

science said...

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Honi said...

yay for you ... and as usual real and true advice.. 2008 here comes less of us!!

DoingtheCaveman said...

Another newbie here, have been reading for a while but compelled to comment today as so related to your description re.cravings, binging.

I'd have to second bren. Forget all the expensive answers - healthy eating. Making every calorie count nutritionally is what I've found to be the key to cutting cravings, and conversley learning to enjoy (simple) food again.

I've been losing like this since June (after countless failed diets and binging) and the weight is slowly but consistently dropping off, as never before. I didn't make 30 pounds, that's is a fantastic achievement.

You have a deal - more exercise is seriously needed:) Jen.

Sybil said...

Hey Lyn,
As always lately, I seem to connect with the blog entries that hit me a bit between the eyes. Thanks for that! Namby-pamby nice is ok and works for some but I think I've had a bit too much of it and really appreciate honesty/truth.

Oh sure, it's nothing I haven't already heard a bazzilion times before (eat less, move more) but some days I just HEAR it with new ears. Or, some days I just need to hear it in a bit more of a blunt way.

My weight loss was incredibly slow in 2007 but I keep trying to remember that a pound a week DOES result in 52 pounds per year. As lame as it sounds to my ears some days, it is a success.

Keep up the good work!

Heather said...

hey I also gained weight in the period of 2 weeks so I completly understand where you are coming from. but you are right, we know what needs to be done to lose weight and keep it off, so now we just need to do it!

I thought the same thing this morning whne I heard and saw all of the commercials advertising gyms and weight loss programs,etc.

Lauren said...

Great post! I'm feeling a mildly bitchy post rising up in me, same idea, but bitchier. lol.

Ms Ingrid said...

Finding YOUR OWN weight loss program is the key. Like finding your soulmate. Or your religion.
Then it becomes relatively easy.

<-has lost 111 lbs and still going strong

Anonymous said...

Great post as always :)
You have nailed it:
eat healthy foods
eat less
move more
find your own way of doing this.

I have lost 30 pounds since June and I consider this a good weight loss.
Let's just keep at it until we reach target weights.

Teale said...

I also made no progress over the holidays. But really, I'm happy for that... no progress is better than taking a 10 pound (or more) step backwards. At least we maintained... that's more than I can say for myself in ANY past holiday season. So if nothing else, I accomplished the feat of not gaining over the holidays!

a public diet said...

I didn't make any progress over the holidays either, but i did rejoin the gym his week. Imagine my surprise when i got on the scale to discover i've only gained 2 pounds since i quit going to the gym in June of last year. i may not have lost any weight but monitoring my calories did at least keep me from getting fatter.

justoofat said...

This is my first time here, but I will surely be back. I've been reading a lot of "weight loss blogs" as of late with mixed reaction, but your voice rings true. I'm glad to have stumbled upon you. I'll continue to follow your progress as I begin to keep track of my own.