Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have often wondered how it is that people could lose 50, 80, 100+ pounds and then... ... gain it back!! It seems unfathomable. All that work, for nothing?? How COULD they? How could I?? Yes, I lost and gained weight several times. Usually about 20 pounds, up and down, over and over. Once it was 35 pounds. Once, 40. I felt like a darned yo yo.

How can this happen? More importantly, how can we prevent it? We all want to lose the weight, but what good is it if we regain it all in the next year? Experts say that losing and regaining is even worse for your body that never losing at all. So I thought now (when I have regained a few pounds) would be a good time to focus and LEARN something from my mistakes.

1. Not weighing. I admit it. I don't know what I weigh right now. I am scared to get on the scale. I haven't been on it in several days, because when I saw 245, I was so upset, disgusted and dismayed that I just DID NOT want to get on it again and see, perhaps, an even HIGHER number. It's so easy to just skip my morning weigh-in, take a shower, get dressed, eat, and pretend I still weigh 241, or 245... and not whatever ungodly number would really show up if I stepped on that scale. We pretend our way back up the hell scale by NOT WEIGHING. Time to face reality, folks. Get on that scale. See the dreaded number. Have to face reality, so you can change it, or else if you put it off long enough you will be SHOCKED to see a 20 or 30 pound gain when you DO finally get on the scale. So, note to self, start weighing again. Don't skip the weigh ins.

2. Wearing baggy clothes. Again, not facing reality. You put on a few pounds, so you wear sweatpants or the "bigger" pants or the "baggier" tops because they are "more comfortable." Can we say, DELUSIONAL?? It is SO EASY to pretend you are not gaining weight when you clothes are loose! Get those jeans back on... the ones you wore before you gained a few pounds. Yeah, if they are tight, GOOD. Maybe you won't eat so much with that constant reminder like a boa constrictor around your torso!! Note to self: NO MORE baggy black pants!!

3. Bringing "special" treats in the house. BAD idea. "Oh, it's for the kids/ it's for Christmas/ it's on sale." Yeah right. The kids are lucky if they see ONE chocolate. I cannot resist them. I inhale them all, and I gain weight. Note to self: DO NOT buy junk food!!!!!!!!!!

4. Baking. I LOVE to bake, but I also love to snarf it down. Stop making loaves of bread, batches of cookies, and pizzas. You know you are going to eat 80% of it. Note to self: STOP IT!! You don't need this crap!

5. Waiting for tomorrow/Monday/next week/Jan 1. Um, nope, sorry. Every day counts. Stop using a calendar as an excuse to suck down enormous loads of unhealthy foods. Note to self: do it TODAY.

Now, I have to put these bits of information into action. Knowledge doesn't do us any good unless we turn it into action. And so, I am going to bed now, and in the morning I will 1) weigh, 2) wear non-baggy jeans, 3)purge the junk food 4) NOT bake, and get rid of the cookies, and 5) not put it off any longer. I hope some of you will join me. Merry Christmas!


Sybil said...

Great is SO easy to let a stumble become a major fall.

A few weeks ago I had to face the music after a 3 week holiday. I had gained, I felt horrible and it was a real challenge to get back to healthy choices. It would have been a lot easier to throw in the towel and accept that I'd always be 100+ pounds overweight. But once I was back on track, and once the holiday pounds were gone, I felt good and was very proud of myself.

You'll be back on task TODAY and trust me, you'll feel great. You might need to white knuckle it for a day or two, but that will pass also.

lbs said...

beautiful tips...i am going to back back on track by weighing myself and lose those holiday gains.

Dinah Soar said...

All excellent points. I've had the same fear of the scale as you...that is why I don't use the scale daily. If it is up, I'm discouraged, if it is down I think I'm "o.k." and tend not to be as vigilant. I follow my plan instead knowing it will take me where I want to be/go. It is ever so important that your weightloss plan be one that you can track and commit to for life. I limit weighing myself to around every 10 days...for me that is often enough.

Concerning you I love to bake, but will I've quit it. I missed it at first, but eventually you get used to it.

Heather said...

oh I am definitely joining you! I actually agree with what you wrote about the scale. I actually was unable to weigh myself because my parents do not have a scale in their house so I have no clue what I weigh and I think that makes it worse. If I had seen a gain, it would have probably scared me into not eating some things that I did. but unfortunately it put my mind in that "ignorance is bliss" stage. Time to face the music!

Hanlie said...

I'm with you on the TODAY thing! It will not be easier tomorrow, so we'd better just get on with it. The future depends on what we do today, not tomorrow.

My jeans almost cut me in half after Christmas!