Monday, November 19, 2007

Update (246)

I am down to 246 as of yesterday. I am thrilled! I am also going to post my update pictures soon... really!

I want to say that what I am doing is not terribly difficult. In the past ten years I have been on every diet plan known to mankind. Jenny Craig? Too expensive, and yucky BLAH food (I am used to cooking from scratch, and the canned crap just did not sit well with me). Weight Watchers? Oh that was great, truly, but I didn't feel like I fit in at the meetings, they were too expensive for me, and so I did the points system at home. It got to be overwhelming for me since I had a passel of small children. Figuring up the points for every new recipe I made was too burdensome for me. Atkins? Oh I LOVED that. And I lost weight, until I found myself trying to figure out what I could eat and get away with, including eating entire bricks of Philly cream cheese and whole packages of crisp bacon. You cannot eat 2 pounds of cheese a day and lose weight. Moderation is not my strong point. Then came the South Beach Diet. This is where I had the most success, and learned the most about nutrition and healthful eating. I lost about 35 pounds this way, but in the end, I could not say no to brownies and white bread forever, and I started binging endlessly on the "forbidden" foods. I tried counting calories in a notebook, or online. I tried Metabolife and Metabolift and even MetaboTaffy. I did SlimFast and homemade weight loss shakes that tasted like fruited sawdust. I did the "Winning at Thinning" program, the "LEARN Program for Weight Control" and saw a nutritionist. I did the Cabbage Soup Diet and all sorts of Cleanses and Detox programs. My bookshelves are stocked with all manner of diet books and cookbooks I have tried: Sugar Busters, Butter Busters, the Zone, When Food is Love, Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, Thin is Just a Four-Letter Word, and Stop the Insanity. I have Whole foods cookbooks, raw foods diet plans, programs from Richard Simmons, Dr. Phil, and Oprah Winfrey. I tried faith based programs like the Weigh Down diet. I even went to a meeting of Overeaters Anonymous where I was hugged and kissed by skinny blondes and heavy bearded men I had never met, all proclaiming, "Hi, my name is xxxx, and I'm a compulsive overeater." I have all the videos: Walk Away the Pounds, Pilates, Tae Bo, and various other workouts. I have several tapes of hypnotists telling me I don't really want french fries and to imagine myself frolicking on a beach in a bikini (yikes). I have a treadmill, 2 exercise bikes, and a nice weight system plus some free weights. In the last 5 years I have gotten rid of 2 trampolines, a bicycle, roller blades (cankles don't fit), a yoga pad and workout tape, a rowing machine, an elliptical machine, and a Health Rider. I have had memberships to 3 different gyms while I was fat.

What's my point? Well obviously none of this stuff worked for me. I started out trying all these things ten years ago at 227 pounds, and ended up at 278. Now, finally, I am losing weight with NONE of those programs, pills, or philosophies. Why?? Because finally, I am listening to MYSELF, and doing what works for ME. Sure, all of those things work SOMETIMES for SOME people. I am not dissing the programs. If you are having success on South Beach, good for you! I am thrilled! But for me, and MY life, what works is making small changes over time. No counting calories or carbs or fat. No forbidden foods. No pills and no magic. I have written a lot in my blog already about what exactly I am doing, so if you're interested you can go back and read some previous posts. So my point is, do not give up. Try different things, keep what works for YOU and ditch what doesn't. Build your own "program" for success.

The other night my husband made his signature dinner of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, bacon, and orange juice. And THAT is what I had for dinner! The only changes I made were to get the Reduced Fat Bisquick for him to make the waffles, and to add some frozen blueberries to my waffle topping. YUMMY!! I had 2 nice big waffles with lots of berries and whipped cream. I had 2 slices of crisp bacon, with the grease patted off. I had about 4oz of orange juice. And the next morning I had lost a pound.

This is what works for me. I eat what I like. I watch portions and make small changes. Since I knew I was having waffles for dinner, I ate a lot of veggies and not as many calories for lunch and snacks. I am happily shrinking, and I know I will meet my goal this time. Because this time is different! Make this time different for you, too. You can succeed. Never give up.


Anonymous said...

You never told us if your husband noticed all your progress...Inquiring minds want to know! :) Thanks for the motivation,

Lyn said...

He never noticed!! Or if he has, he hasn't said anything. I was hoping for even a generic, "You look great!" But I didn't get that either. One day I even wore my new smaller sized jeans and top and flaunted in front of him a bit but he didn't seem to notice. I am not saying a word!! I am going to wait and see just how much I have to lose before he says something. lol! He has been really supportive and sweet though, so I can't complain!

Anonymous said...

lyn, i thnk this might be your best post yet. at least that i've read. You're a great writer, you're really succeeding and focused, and you're making us all want to come along with you. Every congratulations to you, and keep writing so that we can follow!!!


Heather said...

And I thought I had tried every diet, lol!!

But I totally hear you...I follow LAWL, but at the same time, I dont want to give up everything. So I dont eat reduced or FF cheese, I eat the real stuff. Same with bread. I make little changes from the plan that fit in with my life so I can carry that over forever.

I think eating what you want when you have a taste for it (in moderation and in healthy ways) is the best. That is the best advice a nutritionist ever gave me. She said, if you want cheese and crackers for dinner, have it. you want pancakes for dinner, have it. There are no "right" foods for certain times of the day and Im sure that the fact that you eat what you like it and enjoy it has helped you be so successful.

Lauren said...

I love your posts and your plan and the way it's working for you, you are a real inspiration. Keep it up.

Leigh said...

I have tried a lot of diets too... and I was thinking about doing South Beach, but what holds me back, is like you said, can I really live without those things forever? I tend to diet, binge, diet, binge... and I am realizing that I need to work on making changes that will last rather than swinging so far one way or the other. It's just hard sometimes, because those changes don't always get you quick results, but hopefully it's something we can stick to forever. Great post!

Kat said...

Wow, you sure have tried it all almost!! So glad you found what is working for you, keep it up, you are doing great!

lizzytish said...

Well I think thats great!! Your happy and you found a way. I think all the diets are for quick fixes but once you get down to that you have to have figured out your way to keep it off. So thats what I am going to do figure out my way while I loss weight doing a diet. Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing your pictures. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Teale said...

I think this is a fantastic post! You have learned the hard way what does and does not work for you. Sometimes it takes trying lots of wrong things before you find the right thing that was there all along. Keep up the great work, you are doing an amazing job!

Ms Ingram said...


I was always a fat kid and I have tried pretty much everything you mentioned. I ended up being 318 lbs this January.
But then I found Kay Sheppard food plan and it works for me.
Tell me if you have tried it and if you have, why didn't it work for you?

P.S. I have lost 90 lbs since January

Dominique said...

You're doing so fantastic! Good going

~ CurvyJones

FatGirl said...

I was happy to see this post! This seems to be what's working for me- But right now I'm counting calories using SparkPeople because that helps me really PAY ATTENTION to how much I'm eating.

Also, I have experienced something similar with an overeating support group- I went to one in college and it was really uncomfortable for me because I was one of only 2 even remotely "fat" girls there. It was just terrible! Except that it opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone who has overeating issues is fat.

But I think I was also a little offended- I have less of a problem with overeating and more of a problem with just not paying attention to what I'm eating, but they assumed I was overeating because I'm so fat.

MB said...

You must have a great memory to recall all those diets. I don't think I can remember every diet I've been on.

All those diets work if you follow them but eventually real life gets in the way. I wonder what would have been if we never started that first diet.

I think we should have a big bon fire of diet books when we reach our goals.

Congrats on your success. You are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I have done it all myself before too, except maybe for the pills (I hate pills).
You are so right, the best way is MY way!