Friday, November 2, 2007

November 2, 2007: 253 pounds, and Diets Don't Work

Last month I only lost 5 pounds. I wish it had been more. Actually, it WAS more. I was down to 252, but gained a pound yesterday. Why, I don't know. I did stick to my guns and not have ANY candy on Halloween, even after watching my kids and their friend dump PILES of chocolate on my living room floor to sort and trade. They offered me some and I declined. I made no cookies, cupcakes, or anything else for Halloween. I gave away ALL the candy I bought. So when I was up a pound the next day, it was disheartening.

I think I have one good reason for the gain, though. I think eating healthier has changed my monthly cycle quite a bit. For the last decade or so, all my cycles have been 36 to 38 days long. When I was young, they were 28-30 days. I thought the extra long cycle was due to getting older or having kids, but maybe it had something to do with my weight and eating habits. I am sure eating loads of sugar and carbs affects hormones, which in turn would affect the cycle. Anyway, I was very surprised to notice some major shifts in my cycle this month. If I am right, I will have a 28-30 day cycle this month... 8 to 10 days SHORTER than any in the last ten years! And if I am right, that explains my terrible moodiness, cramps, fatigue and bloating I am having right now. PMS! If that pound gained is fluid retention then I am sure to drop a few pounds in the next week or so. That makes me happy.

I noticed a general trend downward in the number of pounds per month I am losing (see sidebar on left). First month 13 pounds, second month 7, and third month only 5. It is essential to my progress that this trend not continue. I am setting a goal of working for 8 pounds gone this month, which would bring me to 245 on Dec 1. Stay tuned for updates!!

Now, on another note. Because of my recent pound gain and slow losing, I started to get that desperate feeling. When I was in the grocery store yesterday, I headed to the "diet" aisle. I looked over the myriad of magic pills and potions, teas and shakes, candies and creams all promising to help me lose 5 dress sizes in 30 days or burn the fat right off my body with no effort. I let my eyes linger on the Metabolife and Metabolift, remembering how I used to scour the Internet for dealers offering free samples so I could request a couple of pills and then put all the samples together until I had a month's supply to melt my pounds off. As you can see, it didn't work. I picked up the fat burners and carb blockers, then recalled the Metabo-Taffy I had purchased years ago to chew because it would magically ban all fats and carbs from entering my eagerly waiting chubby cells. Take a gander at my behind and tell me if it worked. I scanned the powders, juices, and shakes and had flashbacks of living off those liquids for weeks, dropping a few pounds and then gaining it all back once I started eating food again. I gazed at the Dieter's Teas and remembered the young mother who steeped her diet tea too long and drank too much and died, leaving behind a little child who surely would have rather had a slightly overweight Mama than no Mama at all. All these pills and potions don't work. I sighed and walked on by, knowing the only way I would lose this weight was hard work and dedication. Eat less, move more. Not rocket science. I am going to do this the right way. Our fate is in our hands. Take control now. Don't let another day go by waiting for the "right" time. Today is all we ever have.


Anonymous said...

oh man, oh man. you are preaching to the CHOIR. good heavens. what a great reminder. i have done the EXACT same thing -- stood there, read labels, and then sighed and walked away. ...

5 pounds last month? great work. Good for you. Imagine the cumulative! You can do this. I'm proud to be one of your readers...


honib1 said...

BRAVO!!! thats my word for you today... no diet pills no magic anythings.. U my dear will do this.. I promise...

Heather said...

great job on resisting the candy, you did better than me!

I wish there was some magic pill for weight loss, but there isnt and we have to do it the hard way. sure we could do it an unhealthy way, but what would we learn? I know some people are really big on that Alli drug, but seriously, I would rather lose weight slower than have diarrhea all day long!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Remember, too, that along with body changes, there is the body adapting to lower calories.

With me, it's simply that I've cut calories SLOWLY, not all at one thump. So, I knew I'd lose slowly. And I have. But I'm at a point where I've hovered on the same number a couple weeks and it's time to really look at my intake and my output. I've not been exercising AT ALL, and that's a problem.

I'm still really pleased that I've made changes, and I'm thinking EVERY DAY of what I eat, accountability, keeping htat journal, no matter how awful the WW points tally may be.

I'm in the 270's, and battling it here, rather than in the 290's and battling it there as I was earlier in the year. Soon, I will be battling in the 260's.

Any general downward trajectory, no matter how sluggish, means I'm winning. :) And it means YOU are winning. Every day you don't eat as poorly/excessively as you had before.

My take on it. :)

And yeah, I get tempted to when I pass that aisle. Then I do what you did, move on to get something better for me.

The Princess.

FatGirl said...

I've been at that desperate point too, but thankfully I've never tried anything except the vitamins with EGCG added (for some reason when I was in college they didn't affect me at ALL and now when I take them they make my heart race) because my mother drilled it into me that these things don't work.

Keep up the good work! I'm sure the trend with weight will level off rather than keep going down!

Anonymous said...

You are doing great. Do not be desperate or disheartened at the slowing of the weight loss, it is only natural.
The goals should be set in stone, but the time line should be set in sand, so do not feel that you have to achieve your weight goal by a certain date. If you are losing 5 pounds a month, then you will lose 50 pounds in 10 month, is that such a bad thing?
Eating healthy and exercising has so many benefits besides weight loss and you will feel much better over time..
You did much better than most of us over Halloween, this is something to celebrate.

lbs said...

Good job on Halloween! I didn't do as good and ate lots of sweet, now I'm regretting it...! I've got to go back to eating healthy this next week. I think losing 5 lbs/mo is great! It's also great that you're aiming higher, but don't be discourage even if you're losing 1 lb per month! Or even just maintaining the weight you've loss. Take care of your body and lose weight slowly, then it will take care of you!-->that's what I believe. I've tried the Tea Diet, never heard of the story you've mentioned, but it didn't work for me. Thanks for writing this post about "Diets don't work" reminded me that we all just need to face reality and work hard, not rely on miracles.

Dominique said...

fat loss does change your cycle. We store estrogen in our fat cells. I'm normally an end of the month-er, and here it is Nov 3rd and no cycle. I do think its coming soon though.
- curvyjones