Thursday, November 15, 2007


As per my usual pattern, I have been wavering at 248-249 for a week now. What's new? This is my pattern. Lose a couple pounds, then plateau for a week or two, then lose again. Okay, I can handle it. Every morning I get up and get on that scale and see how far down that needle has gone, and I am thrilled. But every day I also look at my fat thighs and huge belly and wonder, "Do I really look ANY different? Could I have POSSIBLY been fatter than I am now?" And so I have to notice the small changes in my life that have come from losing 30 pounds... even though I don't always see it when I look at myself.

First of all, I am a big fan of the measuring tape. If you have not yet done this, start now! Go get a measuring tape, and write down how big your parts are. You can measure any parts you want, but try to remember where on your body you laid the tape. For example, my "waist" is the thinnest part of my middle, and my "hips" are the widest part of my middle. I measure my thighs halfway between the joints. Easy. If you don't have a measuring tape, at least do this: Get a length of string, or ribbon, or even dental floss, and wrap it around your middle at the widest point. Cut it off and make a knot in each end. Now you have a record of your biggest measurement. It can be very inspiring to wrap that string around yourself in 3 months and SEE how big you used to be and how much smaller you are now!

So here's the measurement results, after 3 months and 30 pounds gone. I have lost:
1/2 inch off my neck
1 1/4 inches off each thigh
1 inch off each arm
1/4 inch off each wrist
4 inches off my bust
2 inches off my waist, and
4 inches off my hips.

Not bad! Pretty inspiring!
I have also gone down in my jeans size from a TIGHT 26 to a comfortable 22.
And today I noticed that many of my shirts and sweaters (26/28 because I didn't like them TOO tight) are SO loose on me that I really shouldn't even wear them anymore. I mean, the neck holes got huge all of a sudden, and the shoulders are saggy... I mean these shirts really look BAD. Not just big, but like I am wearing someone else's clothes that are 2 or 3 sizes too big. And they are! Heck, I can even fit into 18/20's in tops now, although they are a bit snug.

My face looks thinner. I was in the library last week, and I got out my library card which has a color photo of my face on it. I couldn't believe the difference!! I had HUGE visible extra chins, I mean just HANGING off me. And now I don't. I look pretty again. I feel great about it. And when I put on my 22 jeans and top, and looked in the full length mirror, I was really surprised how much better I look.

I feel better, too. I remember how when I used to go to sleep, sometimes I couldn't lay in certain positions because it felt like there was a fat "collar" from my neck and chest area that was hanging there suffocating me. It was harder to breathe. I hated it. That is gone. I can lay however I want and not have a fat collar choking me. I can walk 4 blocks and be ok. When I started, I couldn't walk out to get the mail. I can reach down and tie my shoes without feeling like I am going to pass out. I don't have nearly as much heartburn as I used to. My skin is clearer, and I feel happier.

All these little changes are what keeps me eating healthy even when the scale is stuck for weeks. I know there are more great things to come. Look beyond the numbers, and see how being healthy has or will improve your life. Do it because you deserve it! You can do it. Never give up.

P.S.... update pictures to come!


lbs said...

yay! first to comment!
Plateaus suck so bad for me...i think when I am plateauing, I'll get so pissed off that I'll stop dieting and gain weight just to see the scale moving again...but this is so bad and stupid....there are other ways to see changes like you've said, not just by the scale...Hooray for slow weight loss because it's the one that will lasts! It's a lifestyle change afterall and life takes time. I do keep a measurement card....! I should frame it and put it on the wall.

Kat said...

Wow, that is what 13 inches lost? That is awesome!!! I have always used my measurements along with my scale weight and it sure helps for those weeks that the scale may not show a loss but sometimes the measurements will! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

These changes to how you feel, look and move are what really matter.
Very inspiring as usual :)

Dominique said...

What I liked best about losing weight was being pretty again. Congrats!!
~ CurvyJones

Teale said...

I can't wait for your progress pictures! I am a firm believer in the measuring tape too! I lost the most in my hips/thighs, and that's a big reason for me being able to get into smaller pants! It's great!

Leigh said...

can't wait to see your updated pics!

Urban Chick said...

Rock on mamacita!

Looking forward to the pics.

Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on all the awesome changes that you've been noticing! And I can't wait to see your progress pics! I was hoping you would post some soon! :)

Heather said...

That is so great!!! You have lost a lot of inches and Im glad you can see a difference in pictures, clothing, and how you feel. I havent gotten measured in quite a while, I should.

but you make a good point, the scale does not always do us justice. sometimes I look in the mirror and think that too, that I still see the roll of fat hanging on my stomach. but the reality is, we are losing weight, we just have to realize that we are looking better and better!

alexis said...

congrats on all you've achieved :) i'm so happy for you!

i use a tape measure and i use my belly button as the guide so i can measure the same place each time. but the string thing is a really gd and fun idea. i just might do it

Twix said...

Awesome!! (((hugs)))

Lauren said...

Awesome, congratulations. I really need to find a measuring tape.