Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Will He Notice?

So... as I have mentioned before, my husband has been out of state on business for almost 3 months. He came home for a few days in the middle of the 3 months, but he was busy and rather distant. Now that he is returning for good (well, maybe he will have to go for a couple of weeks sometime, but no more leaving for months at a time), I wonder if he will notice my weight loss. What do you think? Will he see it?

I have purposely not mentioned my dieting or weight loss to him. I wanted to see if he walks in the door and says something like, "My God! You look fantastic!" or, "WOW! You have lost some weight!" I have visions of a shower of compliments and new desire in his eyes. But I am trying to face the reality that he may not notice at all. He is a guy, after all.

When he left in early August, I weighed 278 pounds. Do you think 26 pounds gone is enough for him to notice? I was in tight size 26 jeans when he left; now I can wear 22's. No one else has noticed yet. But maybe... just maybe he will. I want him to. I want to impress him with my dedication and hard work. I feel better, I think I look better. But I worry he will not see it.

Anyone want to take a guess at when he will comment on my weight loss? Do you think he will right away, at 252, or will it take more time? 235? 210? Hmmm. I am not going to say a word about it until he notices.

A little update: after my crazy eating days, I finally got a grip. I know I was up around 255+ but have been back on track for 2 days, and am back down to 253. One more "regained" pound to lose. I am on it! Soon I will take some update pictures and maybe you guys can see if there is a difference!! Keep on keepin' on, guys, we can do this.


alexis said...

i vote for yes! he will notice. cos someone that sees you everyday may not notice the weight loss because its so gradual but since he hasnt seen u in a while it should be more apparent.

Gibbons-Camp said...

My vote is both a yes and a no. Yes he will notice. No he won't say anything.

Why won't he say anything? Because a cardinal rule for guys is never say anything that we could imagine that the most drunk, paranoid, and self concious person on earth could misconstrue as a comment that our wives are overweight.

He'll think, "man, she looks great, she lost a lot of weight while I was gone." But then he'll think... "Oh no, what if I'm wrong, or what if it hasn't been on purpose? What if she thinks I'm pressuring her to lose weight? What if she doesn't realize she has lost a lot of weight and thinks that I have this really unrealistically fat image of her in my head?"

So he will smile and kiss you and do whatever he does when he gets back from a long trip... and keep his big mouth firmly shut on the issue of your weight. :)

Lady T said...

he may notice...he very well may. but i think its wise to nto be tooo hopeful.

if he doesnt say anything....then wear some a little...revealing....kinda shimmy around in it. he's bound to notice something then! but g-c makes an excellent point....so if he werent to say anything...dont think he hasnt noticed.

as for the others....they notice...but people hesitate to say anything for a mirage of reasons.....so dont let that dissapoint you too much. i have been dissapointed too much in the past. lol.

Teale said...

I have to say that I am kind of agreeing w/your yes & no commenter... Although, we don't know your husband, so we could be way off base. I think that going from a size 26, to a size 22, YES he will notice... but sometimes guys keep a tight lip about how we look b/c they don't want to offend. Some women can be irrational, and compliments can get totally skewed... for example, if someone says "Wow, you look really great, I can tell you've lost weight" some women think "Oh, well what? Did I look like crap before?!" That's obviously not a good way to accept a compliment, but that's sometimes why men don't compliment women's weight.

If it were me, I don't know that I'd stay tight lipped about it. I'd be super proud & want to shout it from the rooftops! I think that if my fiance didn't say anything about it after being gone for awhile, I would only get more hurt the longer I kept tight-lipped & not heard anything about it from him.

Keep us posted... I can't wait to see your progress pictures, I bet they are amazing!

honib1 said...

I want to to vote for yes he will notice.. and maybe he will say something and maybe not.. he might not because he does not want you to lose momentum.. so by keeping quiet and waiting until you are farther down and then saying somethng... but always remember this is for and about you.. you know what you are doing u know your accomplishments thus far.. ROCK ON!!

Leigh said...

When we were dating, I lost weight... like 20-25 pounds, and didn't tell him about it. Then one day I told him that I had been losing weight (we didn't see each other that often) and he said he had thought so but didn't want to say anything.

I hope he at least says something nice about how you look, even if it's not weight related.
Good luck!

Heather said...

I would hope he would notice 26 pounds! I am sure he will. But if he doesnt, dont worry about it. Some guys (and I dont really know your husband) dont really make comments or make comments about weight (even if its good).

Even if no one else has noticed (and maybe they have but dont know the proper way to pt it out rather than saying, wow you dont look so fat!), if YOU can notice, than that is all that matters.

lizzytish said...

Did he notice your weight loss?

Lyn said...

He has not noticed, or if he did, he did not say anything yet! Not even a generic, "You look great!" Maybe in spring when I get a new wardrobe :)