Friday, October 5, 2007


Sometimes it seems I am on an endless hamster wheel, running for the goal but going in these perpetual cycles of feeling good and losing, and feeling crappy and not losing. I guess that is the cycle of life, but when it comes to weight loss, this is starting to get old.

Once again I am dealing with PMS, but add to that the change of seasons, with cold weather and less sunlight. I have been chugging the coffee with creamer instead of iced green tea, resulting in my caloric beverage intake going from about 15 calories a day to 300 calories a day. Not good. And who can have coffee without a little treat to go with it? It's not like iced green tea, which is fine alone. Coffee just ain't right without a chocolate-dipped biscotti, or a few little cookies, or a piece of coffee cake. So this whole cold weather, switch to coffee thing is really affecting my intake!! I have got to stop!

And here I am again, seeing the same number on the scale day after day. It's no wonder, with the coffee issue and the pizza I ate last night, but still. Five days of 258 is enough for me. (Not that I would trade it for a higher number, but how about a nice 257??) I think I need to pay a little closer attention to what I am eating lately to see the scale drop. So here are my new goals:

1. Cut the coffee. One cup a day max this week, and then cut back to a few times a week. Substitute hot tea with a bit of honey in it instead.

2. Drink more water. I have not been drinking as much as I did in the hot weather.

3. Eat more fruit. I have also laid off the summery fruits, but they are important to my nutrition.

4. Cook fall/winter veggies so I have them on hand in the fridge to warm in the microwave at a moment's notice. This can include things like acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet potatoes... all of which have a warm, filling, comforting quality to them, but take a long time to bake. I will bake and cube them so they are easy to grab when I am hungry.

5. Get more frozen veggies that I can cook quickly, to replace the nice variety of fresh veggies I had been eating all summer.

6. Switch back to more fish and chicken. I have been eating beef and lamb all week and I feel sluggish from it.

7. Start making oatmeal for breakfast several times a week. This is a great healthy food that is warm and comforting. It will help me feel satisfied while eating something good for me.

8. Quit with the refined carbs. Suddenly in cold weather I am craving pasta, crackers, white bread, biscuits, pancakes. I will switch to the high fiber, whole grain varieties so I am getting more nutrition.

9. Watch the portions. I have been eating like a bear getting ready to hibernate. I need to get back to paying attention to portion sizes and stopping when I am full.

10. Get moving!! I don't like to go out much when it is cold. Even if I did, I have to be careful. My toddler has some health issues that prevent me from taking her out in the cold weather for any length of time, even if she is bundled up in her stroller. So I decided to buy an exercise bike!!! I bought it today, and I am SO EXCITED. It will be delivered on Tuesday, and I plan to start out slow and work my way up to a 20 minute or more daily ride. I am THRILLED about this. It is a recumbent Schwinn, and I got it really cheap at the local Schwinn shop. I actually went in and tried it out, and it is DEAD silent and SO easy and comfortable, with lots of levels of resistance. My orthopedic doctor told me the best exercise for my knees would be a recumbent bike. I have arthritis, bone spurs in my knees, AND a torn meniscus. So strengthening the muscles around the knees to stabilize them is the best form of therapy until I end up getting surgery. Here is my new bike:

Cool huh??? Someday, I am going to post a picture of me on this bike. I will look all svelte and cute and sexy with curvy legs and a defined waist. Yes, I will post that picture when I get there. Someday, I promise!


Teale said...

I think it's great that you have made a plan! Refer back to this plan whenever you feel like you're having a "down" time w/the routine. I was also going to suggest hot tea, and I see that you have that on your list! Hot green tea is delightful too, and comes in a variety of flavors!

Chubby Chick said...

I've been struggling the past few days, too! Last night, hubby wanted Chinese. So I ordered General Tso's Chicken and crab rangoon! What was I thinking??? And tonight hubby wanted potato chips... so I ended up eating most of the bag. Two "wrong choice" days in a row. :( I'm bummed about it, but like you always say... I am NOT QUITTING!

None of us are perfect, and we are certainly not alone. Just hang in there. I'm sure you're going to be kicking butt before you know it... especially with the great game plan you posted! Those are all GREAT strategies for success!

Anonymous said...

hey - what a great bike. good for you. i love the recumbent thing... excellent.

and i really affirm your list of goals in light of the weather change. same thing here. it's been a STRANGE week and i think it all comes down to the changing seasons. just feels unsettled and i feel uncommitted, which couldn't be further from the truth. strange. but your hibernation line jumped out at me. i've been the same way this week, and in combination with less water and more salt than usual, well, let's just say that WI might not be pretty in the morning. thankfully it's 85 degrees here tomorrow so i can WI in my skivvies. :)

Have a great weekend!
ps - if you have a good way to cook acorn squash, could you post it? what do you put on it?


hanlie said...

Well done on the recumbant bike! I love using that at gym, since there is no way I'm going to balance my bulk on a normal bicycle! (Shudder...)
Seems like we all had a rough week!
It is actually very important to spend at least 20-30 minutes a day in natural light (meaning outside) as this helps the endocrine system function normally. The endocrine system controls appetite, metabolism, water retention, mood,circadian rhythms and a whole lot more... You could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts big time by staying in. (I did a post about his recently called "There's a light, a certain kind of light"...)
Keep going, standing still is better than gaining! You're doing great.

Karen said...

I came across your journal through a recommendation on forums...and and I glad I did!You sound as though you could be my sister! Like you, Im tired of being fat. Your blog has inspired me! I'm going to check in every day and I wish you luck! Thanks for the inspiration and wish me luck!

Urban Chick said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I think I'll adopt your list to help me meet my goals.

Love your blog!

Goaledgirl said...

Congrats on the cool new bike. It looks great. I have a fancy treadmill on my wish list. I am hoping for a bonus at work to help fund it soon.

Keep up the good work!

Bean said...

The bike is gonna be awesome! I love my bike, even if it is a 'normal' one and hurts my tush. All you have to do is 10 mins, EVERYDAY! that was the hardest part for me. Consistency. I am so jealous. That bike looks comfy.

Heather said...

those are some great goals..I could benefit from some of them myself. good luck in acheiving those, I know you can do it.