Monday, October 29, 2007

A Lapse Does Not A Relapse Make

"What did you do this weekend, Lyn?" Go ahead, ask me, you know you want to. And although I would much prefer to skip this post and just pretend I had an uneventful weekend, I have to blog in the interests of keeping it real. The real question is one I have already addressed, "Why do fat people stay fat?" or, "Why do diets fail?" I can't speak for everyone, but I can say that in my experience, the draw of yummy food can take over your life if you let it. It is very easy to slip back into old habits, especially if you have been a binge eater in the past.

I did not binge this weekend. It's funny, in a sad sort of way, that I consider this weekend a "normal eating day" from back before I was eating healthy. But it was in NO WAY a binge. Some of the things I ate this weekend include:
6 hot dogs
3 regular sized peanut butter cups
2 mini packs of M&M's
a snickers bar
a huckleberry truffle
a bowl of chocolate/peanut butter ice cream
a coke
a Big Mac and large fries
2 ears of corn with butter
lots and LOTS of coffee with creamer
1/4 a bag of chocolate chips (and then I threw the bag away)
two grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches (grilled in butter, YIKES)
a few more slices of bacon
a 3-meat, french bread pizza
2 bowls of fettuccine alfredo pasta
2 pieces of buttered cinnamon raisin toast
4 lowfat pumpkin cheesecake muffins and 2 slices of lowfat pumpkin bread
a huge hoagie on gourmet bread with ham and dill havarti
grapes and apples
broccoli salad

Now. You look at that and go, "Holy Hell! You said you didn't binge!!" Well, honestly, I didn't. I ate that food slowly and casually over a 3-day time span. Did I overeat? Yes, by a LOT!!! But when I used to binge I would eat a huge amount of food in a very short time frame. I would go out and buy huge amounts of food PLANNING to eat it all in 30 minutes. I would eat it fast and hardly taste it. This amount of food that I listed here is honestly how I used to eat on a normal weekend, before I started eating healthy. When I was binging, I would eat the whole loaf of pumpkin bread. I would eat 4 french bread pizzas. I would eat that Big Mac meal AND chicken nuggets AND cookies and go home and eat more.

Anyway... obviously I did not lose any weight this weekend. When I weighed yesterday, I was up 2 pounds. I didn't weigh this morning. But today I am doing fine. I am back on track. Because if I let this derail me I will just go right back to where I was. And I want to add, I felt absolutely MISERABLE all weekend from this food. My joints started aching badly... not just my knees, but my wrists and ankles, my hips and shoulders. My breasts even started to ache. Weird. I was not sleeping well, had severe heartburn and woke up feeling hung over every morning. I felt like I was in a sugar fog, and was beginning to feel really depressed.

Today, I made a lovely soup that has no added fat. It has lots of fresh kale from the Farmer's Market, white beans, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, herbs, and chicken broth. It is healthy and fantastic. I had it for lunch and already feel so much better. I have a nice healthy low fat dinner planned as well. Another lesson learned... now back to work!


honib1 said...

the fine line between the binge and over eating is almost invisible to the average person.. but when one knows what a real binge is.. to me .. binge is defined as eating HUGE amounts of food in a small amount of time as you stated.. to over eat is not controlling portion size eating what I want when I want and enjoying the food but suffering the repercusions.. how is it that when we over eat we never remember those repercussions of heart burn etc.. when we binge we simply do not care about that.. Today sounds like a great eating day for you congradulations!!!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I had a not so great last few days. We must have the Overeating Flu.

Well, like you, I'm planning today's meals and keeping a nice calm mindset. No self-flagellation. Just a bit of, "Whoa, girl. Enough of that. Back to plan."

I hope you can have a great talk with hubby and get him in your corner, for you and for himself. If he has 80 extra pounds, he needs to see to that before it becomes 100 and 140 and more extra. It creeps up, as wel well know.

Here's to your being back on the good road, learning from the sidetracks, and getting an ally in the man you love. :)

The Princess<--who also had to tel lthe hubster (who is slim and sexy as all get-out in tight jeans) to stop buying me fatty/sugary treats. Yes, he loves me, so now he brings home fruit and Coke Zero and veggie smoothies from the health food place. I redirected his way of expressing love with gifts of food and drink into a better groove. :D

Heather said...

2 pounds is nothing! I am glad you are not going to let this get you down because it shouldnt. You are right, well all fall back into old habits and its hard because it seems that everything around us makes it so difficult to lose weight. sometimes it gets so tiring having to stand up to those pressures. Just take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and it sounds like the soup you made was a great healthy choice to start with.

Teale said...

When I first started my blog, I figured out what an old typical day was, WW points-wise. And I was astounded! What I think is good about this though is knowing that even when I have bad days now, they are nothing like I was eating before. And even if you ate similar foods this weekend that you would have eaten before, at least you didn't binge. That in itself is a great thing.

lbs said...

3 days of overeating cannot cancel out 3 months of hard work, though it may feel that way.. Happy to hear that you're back on track! I went to the grocery and bought some kale yesterday too...but I will have to wait for some free time to is a torture for me these days since I am so busy with school and work...I miss my mom's homecooking!!

Chubby Chick said...

If you've read my blog this month, you know you're not the only one who's eaten too much lately. Thanks for your honesty! I think it's important to post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And congrats on getting back on track today! The soup sounds SO delicious and healthy! It's amazing how eating crap really causes a person to FEEL like crap... both physically and emotionally. I noticed that myself during my recent food frenzy. And I discovered that NOTHING that I ate was worth feeling that miserable for!

Everyone has lapses from time to time. But like you said... this is not a relapse. And my "episode" was not a relapse, either. This is just life. And in the long run... we will have many more "on plan" days than "off plan" days... and we WILL reach our goals. :)

Lauren said...

good for you for not letting it turn into something more. YOu can do it.

Losin' It said...

Wow..can I ever relate to your weekend!