Friday, September 21, 2007

Seven Days at 260... and Sick

Just a short update... nothing profound or inspiring is coming out of THIS brain today. It looks like I have once again come down with a virus that my lovely little children have brought home from school. That would be the THIRD time in one month that I have had a 48 hour bug. I am hoping this one will be as short. I feel awful, and succumbed to my comfort food... macaroni and cheese for dinner. I think I am within reasonable calories, though, because I did not eat a lot today.

And I have weighed in at 260 pounds every single morning for exactly one week. Yes, SEVEN days of weighing 260. I did not lose a single pound this week, even though I ate well 95% of the time and even went for a few short walks. So, I will blame it on the "cycle" and keep plugging along, waiting, waiting, waiting for that drop to 259. At which point I will jump with glee and you will feel the tremors and think to yourself, "hmmm... Lyn must weigh 259 now!"

Thanks for the support, will keep you posted!!!


Twix said... feeling you will probably drop more than one!

I hope you get to feeling better!

Chubby Chick said...

Awww... sorry to hear that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon!

Hang in there with the weight. You WILL see the 250's soon! Don't be discouraged. Just keep doing what you are doing... and you will see good results. :)

Heather said...

Hope you feel better! sometimes being sick affects the weight loss. after you feel better, you will probably lose.

hanlie said...

Hang in there, girl! Hard work always pays off in the end. Hope you feel better soon!

a.m. said...

My body will hold at a certain weight for a week or so before it drops. It can become frustrating to see the same number on the scale over and over... but if you're eating right and exercising, that drop has to come.

Karen (Deadbudgee) said...

Oh Lyn,
I am so much like you...and I hate people who say "OH I CAN'T EAT A THING WHEN I AM SICK"! That's when I MOST want to break out the comfort foods. I bet you will be better than new within 2 days and then that pound will fall off and you will be in a new decade!!!

Love your blog...and good luck!!!


Anonymous said...

press on! it will happen!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

The body's ability to counfound the hell out of us seems to be a very common theme on diet blogs.

Just tell yourself THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS.

I think of that pattern on The Biggest Loser, where they have a great weigh-in, then a lousy one.

I think the body goes into frantic "I want to not disappear" mode and just hangs on.

But you hang on harder, and it will cave. I suspect you'll be seeing a good weigh-in real soon.

Now, how can we disinfect those kids? hahaha

The Princess

Teale said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well! The WW Smart Ones frozen meals has a really really good mac & cheese, healthy & a total comfort food! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Sunny said...

Wait??? Did I feel something? I think so...... I'm sure that number MUST be dropping I type. Don't get discouraged - it's close! You are doing everything right and it will pay'll see.....