Sunday, September 2, 2007


I hate PMS! I am fighting it bad right now. Maybe I should just give in and have a bit of what I crave. I am mostly just venting but I guess most women go through this. For like 2 days before TOM I totally crave salt and carbs. I get this feeling of wanting to eat ALL the time. In the past I would give my kid $5 to run to the store and get me 2 cans of Pringles (keep the change, son) and when he brought them I would sit and eat BOTH CANS. Yes those tall cans of regular, Original Pringles. I would eat 2 whole cans. I would usually have a couple of Cokes with it. That has been my main PMS binge for the last 10 years. That, and hot dogs. I get to craving them something awful. Not the low-fat, turkey kind (ew). I had to have the big, juicy, all-beef Hebrew Nationals or Nathan's. If you have never tried those kinds of hot dogs, please don't. They are addictive. My best friend gave me a Hot Diggity Dogger one year. It's a machine that roasts your hot dogs for you until they are perfectly plump, toasty with little beads of fat running down the outsides of them and sizzling in the bottom of the roaster...mmmmm.... and it toasts your buns for you too! I would make a run to the store for a pack of those delightful/horrid hot dogs, come home and start roasting them in my Diggity Dogger.. and I would eat 4 at a sitting, WITH buns. Four in a SITTING, not in a day. By day's end I would have finished off the 8-pack. Yikes. All that fat and salt... 8 hot dogs and 2 cans of Pringles in ONE day. My poor cells. I guess I should be glad I am not doing that anymore, and glad it did not kill me.

But I do crave carbs. I would love a big, baked potato right now which might be ok but I would load it with butter, salt, cheese, bacon, sour cream. Not so good. I am craving bread, potato soup, and salty stuff. I am thinking of having a serving of salted pistachios to try and quell that salt craving. But I might not stop at 1 serving. Boy am I in a mood. But it will pass.

I am going to have a nice bowl of homemade butternut squash soup now. Which reminds me... I need to post about my squash :)


Shannon said...

Try the baked potato, but try it with lf sour cream, some 2% cheese, salt (a must!), chives, and a few bacon bits. I find that if I put salt on my baked potatoes I honestly don't miss the butter.

Good for you for resisting the Pringles and hot dogs. One day at a time... PMS doesn't have to overtake us! (My craving is copious amounts of dark chocolate, the really good 73% cocao stuff clocking in at about 150 cals per ounce)

The Lassie said...

Hang in there, we all know what it's like! For me it's also chocolate I crave, but unfortunately not the slightly healthier kind. :( You'll get through it - and don't deny yourself everything, that'll just lead to major binging later on halong the way.

Chubby Chick said...

Yeah... I hate PMS, too. I never really have a craving for any food in particular... I crave all foods in general. lol Sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, hot, cold... you get the picture. lol

Anonymous said...

Try one of the squeezable magarines that are available. They have no fat and very low in calories. That way you can have your baked potato without the guilt.