Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Magic Numbers

I think every fat person has what I call "Magic Numbers" in their head. A Magic Number is a certain weight that has some kind of emotional attachment to it. For example, maybe when you got married you weighed 223, and since then you have gained and gained and are now 280 pounds. It is likely that 223 is a "Magic Number" for you, because it reminds you of your wedding, and it seems like such a great number to reach for. You probably have 223, or maybe 222, as a goal in your head. Now in all reality, weighing 224 is not much different than weighing 222, but to YOU, it is enormous. Reaching that Magic Number will feel like a tremendous victory. So, take a minute and think. What are YOUR Magic Numbers?

I have several. All of them are little goals along the way for me as I lose weight. When I reach each one I will be elated! They are emotional milestones for me.

My first Magic Number is 257. I have 8 pounds to go to reach that goal. That is how much I weighed when I had my last baby 2 years ago. Yes I was fat, but ever since then I have just gotten fatter. So 257 seems much better to me right now!

My other Magic Numbers:

245 - this is what I weighed when I was married the second time. I have a picture of me in my wedding dress, sitting in a chair eating wedding cake. It is ATROCIOUS. I had my mouth FULL of cake. I was all bloated out in that huge white dress and it was a candid shot someone took. I used to hang that picture on my fridge as an incentive to lose weight. Thirty three pounds later, though, (in the wrong direction), 245 is looking pretty desirable. But I know I look enormous at that weight and anything higher. So once I am there, I know I am on my way to leaving enormity.

234 - This is how low I got when I did the South Beach Diet in 2003. Wow I felt fantastic! I thought I looked pretty good, too. Cannot WAIT to be there again. Except for those brief few months doing SBD, I never got below 245 pounds in about 10 years.

227 - This is what I weighed for about a year when my weight gain (up from 168) plateaued nearly ten years ago. I was working, dating, looked pretty decent. I have a lot of nice "professional" clothes in this size.

199 - Isn't this everyone's Magic Number? Out of the 200's!

168 - my goal at this point. The last time I weighed 168 was a decade ago. I want it back.

145 - well, it's a thought... depending on how I feel at 168. I weighed 140-145 most of my young adult life, even after I had my first child. I wonder if I could possibly get there or look and feel good at that weight now? We'll see...

There is no magic in reaching these magic numbers. It is all about hard work, determination, and self control. If you know what you want, and you know how to get there, then you can achieve your goals!


Sybil said...

Hi Lyn,
I'm enjoying reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

I too have magic numbers. There were 6 total including my goal weight. I think it's good to keep those in mind, it's great motivation to have "mini-goals" in mind. :-) Keep up the good work, you'll be there before you know it!

Lisa said...

Yeah, my magic number is 137 which is what I weighed in 8th grade. Talk about magical thinking! oy!

Mahla said...

Oh my God, I've never heard it put this way before, but that is so absolutely true. I'm 135 pounds (five foot five) right now and remember being ALMOST happy with my body in high school when I'd starved myself down to 100.