Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How You Can Lose Weight, Too

There is no secret to losing weight. Or so they say. Eat less, move more. Oh, if only it were that simple. I am convinced that one reason many dieters fail is because they expect too much, too fast, get frustrated and quit. You cannot quit if you want to succeed! That is the key!

Losing weight does not have to be a monumental effort. It CAN be, and it will be if you are striving for it too hard. You will burn out, quit, gain it back. So pace yourself. Do a little at a time. Make a few small changes, and stick with them. You do not have to cut out ALL sugar, or ALL burgers, or ALL anything to lose weight. You do not have to make perfect choices, just better choices.

There is a mentality among many of us that says, "Oh, I just ate that candy bar and blew it for the day, so I might as well go on and eat a gallon of ice cream, 6 slices of pizza, 3 Cokes and another couple of candy bars and start fresh tomorrow." This is what keeps us fat. Every day counts! Every minute, every calorie counts. If you stop with that one candy bar, you will be fine! If you take the rest of the day "off" so you can "start fresh" tomorrow, then tomorrow will never really come. Well, it will... but you will still be fat. We have to change our minds about the way we eat. Eating french fries does *NOT* necessarily mean you have failed or are going to gain weight. If you used to eat a Big Mac meal with large fries and a Coke, then a good step if you end up at McD's again getting a Big Mac Meal (which we try to avoid, but hey, it happens every once in awhile)... then eat half the Big Mac (the center!!! leave the edges... take out the center bun pieces, whatever), eat a SMALL order of fries and get a DIET Coke or better yet, a water. It is a small change but it is better than you used to do. If you usually have chips with your BLT, have carrot sticks with it instead. Go to Outback steakhouse and have what you want, but only eat half of it and box up the other half for another meal. Drink water, skip dessert. You are improving your life, not trying to make yourself miserable. The other day I was craving a burger and fries. Instead, I had a Gardenburger with lettuce, tomato, light mayo and ketchup, and some baked sweet potato fries. It was yummy and it was a better choice. Today I was craving pizza, sodas and milkshakes (PMS, ya know). Instead, I had a frozen, thin crust personal pizza (350 calories), a diet Sprite, and a fake shake. I have not had a soda in over a month, so the diet soda was a treat. The fake shake was: 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup 2% milk, and a spoonful of Strawberry Quik in the blender. It tasted like a strawberry milkshake, but was much more nutritious, with less calories, fat, and sugar.

As my weight loss buddy Ken is fond of saying, "Small Changes Over Time = Results." He is so right! And he knows what he is talking about. Ken used to weigh 293 pounds. He was determined to lose weight, and started in on his plan. A month went by of him staying on plan... and he did not lose a single pound!!! Two months, three months... still... he stayed the same weight! How many of us would give up WELL before 3 months?? But Ken, bless his heart, kept right on going. He stuck with it, made his small changes over time, and in month 4, he lost 1 pound. Yeah, that's right, 1 pound!! Would you be pulling your hair out? Would you binge? Where do you think Ken is 21 months later? I will tell you. Because of his small changes, and because he persisted through all that time of non-losing, Ken has lost over 100 pounds and weighs 188 pounds! And do you know what? He did this WITHOUT weight loss surgery, WITHOUT diet pills or gimmicks, and WITHOUT EXERCISE!!! What?? Yes, that's right. He did it without exercise. He has a health issue that prevented him from exercising. He did all of this with small changes, over time. He got results.

We can do this. Make your small changes. Give it time. If you are patient and make better choices, you will get your results.


Chubby Chick said...

AWESOME post! Let me say that again. AWESOME post! SO inspiring and SO motivational! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going to be reading this one OFTEN. I especially love when you said, "You cannot quit if you want to succeed." How profound! I am going to be telling myself that on a daily basis.

We are not going to quit. We are going to succeed! Woo hoo! :)

The Lassie said...

I'll definetely remember that one when I get discouraged again.:)

Sybil said...

Thanks Lyn,
I needed this reminder today.

Goaledgirl said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog and this post. It was great! I love the story about your friend Ken and never giving up. That is great and what a great attitude.

After some success on a new plan (Beck Diet Solution) I have been sitting at this weight for some time now. The almost 10 lbs I lost has stayed off, but a few creepy back up and then go back down. It is hard not to see frustrated with the changes you are making and want to throw in the towel. Thanks for this little pep talk.

Anonymous said...

oh, am i glad i found you. parallel lives in many ways.
i'll be with you on the journey - pound for pound!

BEST to you!


Twix said...

Thanks Lyn for the food chat! I agree with what you're saying. Keep chipping away at progress!

Ooohh candy bars! Oh now I'm so tempted to eat IT! Lol! Noooo mustn't eat IT! aaaaghhhhh

Chubby Chick said...

Hi, Lyn. I loved this post so much, and found it SO helpful and encouraging, that I had to share it with everyone on my blog today. I recommended that everyone come over here and read it for themselves.

Thanks again for such an inspirational post. :)

butterflygirl17 said...

what a great post. Awesome actually. It really isn't rocket science is it? Have you ever really taken notice of how "skinny" people eat? They don't eat the 4 pieces of cheese pizza, followed by the bowl of ice cream, and so on and so forth.

Thanks for inspiration that I desperately need right now.

Sunny said...

Truly inspiring! You are so right. Found you over at "Chubby Chick's" and she was right... I look forward to going back and reading all your prior entrys as well as those to come!

Teale said...

Hi there, I found this post through another person's weight loss blog! I'm going to add you to my list of inspirational gals to read!

Lady T said...

directed by chubby chick...and must agree, that this is something all of us, ESPECIALLY WE WITH LOTS TO LOSE, need to be reminded of.

i've been giving myself this same pep talk in different words. whatever i do....i have to keep going. one bad choice does not erase all the good choices i made before it. one brick removed does not tumble a brick wall.

day by day. choice by choice.


honib1 said...

just stumbled into your blog... great posts... just wanted to say hi...

angelfish24 said...

I came here through another blog too and thought I'd say 'hi'. I like what you have to say that you didn't blow it with one bad meal and to just keep going. I try to make the next meal healthy and just continue on.
It does seem if I'm real strict with my diet and will be going along well and then I will feel deprived and then eat some treats. Need to break that pattern.

Anonymous said...

Another great topic. The best quote I've heard about having a blow out day:

"If you have a flat tyre, would you slash the other three too?"

It really helps give some clarity to such an emotional issue or "ruining" a day. Great blog.

Anjum said...

lyn, hi again..
i am finally trying to do something about my weight.. and though i have been following u for a long time, i went back and am re-reading your posts all over again, to feel like we are starting together,. i am also thinking of starting my own blog..and am gathering up every bitsy of motivation i can.. was really amazed by your friend ken u mentioned here..does he have a blog where he tells his story? is he still on track and maintaining.. i loose weight very very slowly, as for some reason my metabolic rate is very low.. so i would love to know more about how he could keep himself motivated and how to beet not loosing weight for a long time.. any info about ken will be really appreciated.