Monday, September 3, 2007

First NSV, and Lotion Rant

First of all let me say a heartfelt THANK YOU for the wonderful, supportive comments that are being left on my blog. I read every one of them, and they really give me the motivation to keep trying!! Thank you so much for the suggestions, the experiences you share with me, and most importantly, for letting me know I am not alone. I appreciate it so much!!

Now, for those of you who don't know, "NSV" stands for a "Non Scale Victory"... something that happens that makes you realize your progress, makes you feel good, but is not related to a number on a scale. I have been plugging along for almost a month now and doing pretty well. However, the scale seems stuck at 265 for the last little while, even though I have been on plan. Well, this morning I was out of clothes. (Yes, I have 65 shirts, 35 pairs of pants, 18 sweaters, and 28 pairs of shorts in my closet but none of them fit me. Another Sign of the Dieter: a closet full of clothes ranging from size 16-24 yet none of them fit me.) Since it is going to be another HOT day, I was dismayed to find the only pair of clean pants baggy enough to fit me was a pair of heavy, long, black size 26 cotton pants. Yuck. I spotted a pair of size 24 denim capris in the bottom of the drawer. I have not been able to wear them in 2 years. They have no give to them, and seem a little on the small size for 24's. Well, I figured I would see how close I am to fitting into them. Well, they fit!!!!!! Holy cow! And they are comfortable enough that I can wear them, sit in them, bend over in them, and not worry about the seams suddenly ripping and letting my big hiney hang out in the breeze for all to see. Yay, now I have a "new" pair of pants to wear until it gets cold!! Thank goodness. When you only have 3 or 4 pairs of shorts to wear all summer, and you weigh almost 300 pounds, the inner thighs of those poor pants look like they got in a fight with a pit bull. I am very glad to have something decent again!

On another note... I have always been rather dismayed at how much lotion it takes to moisturize my body. I mean, it seems like it takes half a bottle just to get myself lotioned up after a shower. So I don't do it. But lately, I have been trying to use lotion a few times a week in the hopes it will help avoid major skin sagging problems as I lose the weight. Well, I was watching TV the other day, and they had a spot about using sunscreen. The expert said, "Be sure and use enough sunblock to cover your skin liberally. If you are wearing a swimming suit, you need to use about a shotglass' worth of sunblock to cover your skin adequately." I about choked on my lowfat sausage! A SHOTGLASS full???? I could not cover one THIGH with a shotglass full of lotion!!! And I am not kidding! Think about how much skin area there is on a 280 pound person! Okay, don't think about it... (shudder). But I bet I have at LEAST 4 or 5 TIMES the skin surface area that a 120 pound woman has!! It reminds me of the exhibit I went to this summer in Portland, Oregon at the OMSI museum. It is a travelling exhibit called BodyWorlds, in which real human cadavers are plastinated and displayed in an artistic, educational manner. (I highly recommend this exhibit for adults and teens... see ). On that page, at the top center, is a photo of one of the models. It is a human body with its skin removed and draped over its own outstretched arm, to show how large an organ the skin really is. I would love for them to made a model just like that, but using the body of a 300-400 pound person, and stand them side by side to show just how much extra skin being that heavy entails. I think the cadaver would need some help holding its skin though... one outstretched arm would not be enough. It would need some helpers. Or, maybe they could pose that model sitting at a McDonald's booth with the pile of skin on the table in front of it, next to a Big Mac Meal. Okay, I know, I know... but really, I love science, and the exhibit is fascinating and amazing, and wouldn't that be a fantastic way to show what obesity does to the human body? I mean, they do have things like smokers' lungs, diseased hearts, and alcoholics' livers on display, why not show obesity for what it is? But back to my main point... if I EVER get to a weight that I only need a shotglass full of lotion to moisturize myself or block the sun, I will be doing the biggest happy dance you EVER saw.

And now... back to eating healthy! Have a great day!


Marshmallow said...

Goodness me a SHOTGLASS full of sunscreen??? What on earth do they think you'll be able to cover with THAT?! Heck! O_O

BIG congrats to you on the pants fitting! What an AWESOME measure of the progress you've made, you rock! :-D

Anonymous said...

LYn, you really gave me a laugh with your comment about the shotglass of sunscreen! LOL!!
I can totaly relate to what you are saying. In January of 2006, I weight 299 pounds. Since then I have lost 107 pounds. It has been an uphill battle, so don't give up! (I need to take my own advice, I have been cheating like crazy!)

Fluff 'n' Stuff said...

Lyn...hiya, This is "fluffy" (that crazy gal)...I love your journal and especially enjoyed talking with you today. Your doing AWESOME!! I am very proud of you!

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! Congrats on being able to fit into those "new" pants in the smaller size! That is absolutely great!!! I am SO happy for you!!!

A shot glass, you say? Gosh... for me it would be more like a Mason jar. lol

The Lassie said...

Congrats on the pants fitting situation!! Doesn't that just make you feel great?

Regarding the shotglass comment...maybe American shotglasses are bigger than German ones...I can't imagine ever only needing that kind of amount.;)