Monday, September 24, 2007

265..Why Fat People Stay Fat

This is why FAT people stay FAT even if they try to "diet." The damn scale!! I wrote yesterday about how I was sick, ate too much, blah blah blah... so this morning, feeling mostly better I stepped on the scale to assess the total weekend damages and my new starting point for today. 265!!!!! WTH!!!! That is what I weighed on Sept 1. So it took me three WEEKS of eating right, walking, working hard to lose five pounds and it took me three DAYS of being off plan to gain five pounds. This is why people stop eating right! They say in their heads, "this is not worth it!!! It is so hard to lose a pound and so easy to gain one!" My *head* tells me I am back at square one and all the effort for 3 weeks was wasted. But that is not true! That is the kind of thinking that got me to 278 pounds. If I go off now, I will be 280 in a matter of 2 weeks, I guarantee it, and it will take me 3 months to get it back off. What's the point of that?!?! So scale be darned, I am back on plan right now because I know the facts:

1. A lot of this is water weight, from the excessive sodium intake over those 3 days.
2. Some of this is body defense because I was sick. My body is just protecting itself.
3. If I eat right, this weight will drop back off, because it is *not* FAT.

So... when you're down, get back up! Never quit! There is NO REASON to EVER go back to eating unhealthy. There is no reason to EVER regain a ton of weight. Because that darned scale that can set you off emotionally can also be your friend. It can give you a "heads up"... a warning that you are going in the wrong direction. So thank you, scale. I am back on track and those 5 pounds will soon be history.


Anonymous said...

remember winston churchill's most famous speech:

never, never, never, never, never give up.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

It is mostly water weight. Pasta and cheesy stuff--sodium galore. But you know that.

Just up your water, up your potassium rich fruits, and you'll see the number come down fast. As I tell my pals: UNSWEETENED COCONUT WATER. It helps blast off the bloat when we eat salty stuff.

I always wished I was the sort of person who lost her appetite when she got sick. No luck. Never have. I could be puking one moment and want to nosh the next. Even after appendicitis surgery, all I wanted was my first meal. Man, no one ever found a gas bubble faster than I did! hahahah

So glad you're seeing it for what it is--temporary--and moving on.

The Princess

Chubby Chick said...

I love your attitude! And everything you said is SO true! I'm glad you dealt with this in a non-emotional way and are on track. Your good decision will pay off!

And how old is your scale? Maybe you need to get a new one and upgrade.

Margie said...

It isn't just the sodium, either. High glycemic index carbs require more water for the body to metabolize them. So your body retains more water. A couple days of eating "right" (and of course drinking plenty of water) and those pounds will "melt" off again (OK, it might take up to a week; we're all different).

Under normal circumstances (if you weren't trying to lose and were simply eating, on average, enough to maintain your weight), you'd probably see your weight go up and down from one day to the next by 2-3% of your body weight. At least my weight jumps back and forth like that, which is why I put the daily number in a spreadsheet and look at the 3-day, 7-day and 28-day averages.

I've also noticed (sort of like you) that my weight goes up and down a bit with my cycle. I retain more water before my period, and then lose it (or retain much less) once it starts. Once I noticed this, I started tracking the 28-day average, so I could see what was "signal" and what was "noise."

Obviously I'm into record-keeping, and it isn't necessary to be so meticulous. But just as you're using the scale as a tool, and not letting it dictate your frame of mind (or trying real hard to... it ain't easy!), this spreadsheet a tool for me.

Heather said...

I admire your attitude because even though your pissed, you are still smart enough to know the reasons why you probably have a gain. it sucks and is frustrating, but it will come off.

Teale said...

I definately understand about the sodium water weight. It's unbelieveable how much weight that tacks on when you're eating stuff that's high in sodium.... ugh!

Way to keep your chin up though. I agree w/"weezie", I love that quotation.

Lauren said...

great attitude. You can do it.

Shannon said...

Althought it's hard to see a higher number on the scale, you know and I know that you didn't eat 17,000 EXTRA calories in 3 days. Give it a week or so, let all that sodium flush out of your system and you'll be seeing 259 before you know it!

Twix said...

That's the spirit! Keep on fighting. It'll come back off. Probably sooner than you think! :)

hanlie said...

That's definitely a winning attitude! Good luck!

AtYourCervix said...

Keep up the good work!! It's a daily struggle (battle) each day, and it's frustrating to see the numbers not reflecting how well you're doing. My weight fluctuates a bit too.

Keep your chin up!! You're doing great!!

honib1 said...

what a rockin' great attitude~~

Karen (aka Deadbudgee) said...

So glad the next installment will have the GOOD NEWS about 265, Lyn!!!

You are doing GREAT and are so inspiring (and funny too!!!). :)