Thursday, August 16, 2007

Food Choices

Today I was running out of produce because I could not go to the Farmer's Market this week. I am going tomorrow, but today I am out of watermelon, cantaloupe, berries, and salad stuff. I did not realise how rough that makes things. Instead of being accosted by fruits and vegetables whenever I walk into my kitchen, I have to actually *look* in the fridge and cabinets. Trouble!!! I did OK, but it was not as easy as the last 10 days have been. I went to the grocery store today to get some fish and romaine, and I picked up some sugar free puddings and a bag of baked Pita chips. On the way home I realised what I had done was NOT productive for my weight loss. Those "junk" foods will replace a nutritious food every time I eat them! You may say, "But lots of dieters eat sugar free pudding cups for a treat! They are only 60 calories, and they are yummy!" Yeah, well, *most* dieters fail. And *most* who succeed gain it back. I am not saying it is due to pudding cups. But it IS due to poor food choices.

Say I am getting hungry and need an afternoon snack. I walk in the kitchen and see those yummy pudding cups. I eat one. Now what have I done, exactly? Well, I didn't fulfill a craving, since I do not crave any junk unless I am eating it. I did not fill up on anything since a pudding cup is hardly *filling*. And I displaced the nutrition I would have gotten had I eaten some fruit instead. Alternately, if I am wanting dessert after dinner, and I go in the kitchen, and there is NO junk and NO pudding cups, then I reach for a bowl of blueberries or watermelon. What do I get? Fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a developing taste for natural foods. Do I really want a taste for chocolate pudding?? Maybe I will have it on occasion, but I certainly do not need or want sugary-tasting things on a daily basis.

Say I am stressed out. (This happens sometimes). Say I go in the kitchen feeling bingey due to stress. If all I see is fruit and veggies and such, I get a bowl of watermelon and I eat it. I feel better. If, instead, I see that bag of Baked Pita Chips, guess what I am going to do. Eat it. Maybe just one serving... or maybe two... or maybe, if it is bad, I will inhale the whole bag. See where I am going with this? And the nutrition I would be missing by eating Pita Chips instead is what makes the case. Why choose a lump of coal when you can have a diamond?

So, lesson learned, I won't buy them anymore. Not sure what I will do with this stuff for now. I already had a bowl of Pita Chips and I tell you, it does nothing but make me want more. And tomorrow I will get lots of produce at the farmer's market so that when I go in my kitchen, my choices are easier for me to make.

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