Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 3

Today was my third day of following my new eating and exercise plan. Yesterday was a bit hard, but today I feel amazing! It's that sugar/carb fog that has lifted and suddenly I just feel so much better. Let's hope it stays for awhile!

I am posting for accountability and for a record of how I'm doing, so here's today:

Breakfast: thick cut bacon, avocado, and blackberries. Iced coffee with sugar free creamer.
Snack: half a protein bar I had in my purse. I ate this while at Urgent Care with one of my kids for three hours. Ugh! (They'll be okay). I also got a Starbucks iced green tea lemonade (no syrup) on the way home.
Late lunch: string cheese, deli smoked ham, tortilla chips and guacamole.
Dinner: bowl of broccoli kale salad, an ear of fresh corn with butter and salt (this was so delicious!) and a fresh juicy peach.

Stats so far: 1002 calories, 99 g carbs, 47 g protein

I will have an approx 100 calorie snack before bed, and it will be protein (probably a string cheese, or a boiled egg).

I drank 11 cups of water today and swam for 45 minutes. I feel wonderful! The lower carbs make so much difference in how I feel.

Looking forward to a fun 4th of July weekend with my family! Hope you have a wonderful time too.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Has It Only Been a Day?

I cannot believe it has only been one day since I posted about starting this new plan and being strict about it for my "one last shot" at this. Somehow, days starting a new eating/exercise plan seem kind of long at first, until I get into the swing of things. So far, so good, although I have been hungry a few times and got a sugar withdrawal headache today.


Breakfast: decaf coffee with milk and stevia and a protein shake with Amazing Grass added
Snack: smoked salmon
Lunch: Iceberg wedge salad with real blue cheese dressing and crumbled thick cut bacon and a Coke Zero
Snack while out shopping: Starbucks iced green tea lemonade (no syrup) and half a Quest protein bar
Dinner (potluck): pulled pork, sour cream and dill cucumber salad, broccoli kale salad with Kalamata olives, marinated cauliflower and baby carrots, and a deviled egg half. Dessert afterwards was watermelon, cantaloupe, and a small cup of decaf coffee with cream and a packet of sugar.
Bedtime snack: a half ounce of raw almonds

Totals: 1264 calories, 69 g protein, 100 g carbs


Breakfast: decaf coffee with natural chocolate creamer, omelet made from 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites and a slice of Munster cheese, and cantaloupe
Snack: protein shake with Amazing Grass
Lunch: roast beef, broccoli kale citrus salad, tortilla chips and guacamole, and two pieces of saltwater taffy
Snack: Cherry Coke Zero, 1 slice of bacon, cup of decaf coffee with sugar free creamer
Dinner: 2 vegetable egg rolls and a bowl of broccoli kale salad with Italian dressing

Totals so far: 1088 calories, 62 g protein, 112 g carbs

I am planning a nighttime snack of either a string cheese or some roast beef for under 100 calories and no carbs. That will put me closer to 1200 calories.

I am drinking 10+ cups of water per day. One day I biked ten minutes and the other I walked 20-25 minutes. Feeling good so far and hoping I am able to stick to this for the month... AND see results.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1, State of the Body Q2, and Other Stuff

Today is July 1, 2015 and we are now six months into the year. Halfway through... two quarters. So it's time for another quarterly report. I posted my State of the Body address for Quarter 1 here. Looking back, I have to say the progress for Quarter 2 was sorely lacking.  In the first quarter, I lost six pounds (nine if you count from my high of 248) and got down to 239. In quarter 2, I gained one pound in the past 3 months (today's weight: 240 pounds... up three from last month). My clothing sizes, appearance, meds, and health is about the same as it was three months ago. My eating has been similar but with some junkier, higher calorie days thrown in this past month.

So as I said yesterday, I am giving it One Last Shot for July, and if I cannot stick to my goals I am done. Yesterday to get ready, I went shopping and bought produce and meat, Greek yogurts, protein bars, almonds, and string cheese. I also decided to allow artificial sweeteners back in for a time while I am getting myself off sugar. I got some diet sodas and sugar free jellos to ease through the sugar withdrawal period, and I also added back decaf coffee yesterday morning with a bit of creamer. I know opinions vary wildly on whether or not this is a good move, but I've had success with this method in the past (having a calorie free or low cal sweet when I get cravings) and it has worked to help me through sugar withdrawals. It's temporary and I will cut them back out when I feel more solid in my eating. I just need to get a good couple of weeks under my belt and build some momentum to keep this going.

I outlined my plan in my post yesterday, and I'll reevaluate at the end of the month. Long term, I believe the best thing for me will be to transition to an AIP-style way of eating for maintenance. AIP is an elimination diet, but I felt really well on it. I am going to use those guidelines as a framework for maintenance, adding things back that I feel good eating (but staying gluten free. I have been gluten free for months now and intend to stay that way).

Yesterday I went swimming for about 50 minutes. Today I will bike. Other days I will walk. I do not have a set duration or intensity for my exercise; I have limiting factors with my joints and tendons that I use as my guide for how much to do. I intend to do what I can without hurting myself, and slowly increase to at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Yes, swimming hurts my knees right now (bursitis) but I do it anyway and focus more on arm movements and being gentle with the legs. Pretty much every exercise causes me some degree of pain, but I am going to what I can anyway.

Today so far: coffee with a bit of low fat milk and stevia drops, a protein shake, smoked salmon, and lots of water. FitBit says 2640 steps so far (11 am). I am going to a potluck tonight and am making cucumber salad to bring. *Side note: I will be measuring and weighing and tracking all my food at home in MyFitnessPal, but if I go to a restaurant I have to rely on their nutrition stats or my best guesses. I also will go by my best guesses if I go to a potluck or someone's house for a meal. No, I am not going to carry a food scale and measuring cups with me everywhere I go. I will err on the side of caution (overestimate when not sure) and try to limit these unmeasured meals to twice per week.

Now I am off to bike.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One Last Shot

We are back from our trip and I have to say it was one of the best long weekends ever! It was wonderful to spend time together, hike in the forest, cook on the grill at the cabin, and roast marshmallows in the fire pit. The weather was perfect and we saw so many beautiful birds, deer, and even a bear. I loved it so much I am already planning to go back to the same spot later this summer for a longer stay. I find nature so renewing! Being out in the woods makes me happy.

Well, it's been a lot of years on this blog. I am going to take one last shot at getting some weight off. I don't want to keep screwing around trying this and that, getting little to no results and blogging about it repeatedly. I think that kind of behavior and documentation has its place; for me, it has been valuable to write down what I am doing and my results and how I feel over the years, to learn about what makes me tick and what works and what doesn't and to become aware of my patterns. But I am wearing thin on patience and starting to feel like it's pretty pointless to keep blogging about my weight, eating, etc when I have tried pretty much every approach already and am just retrying things I have already done and not making meaningful progress with weight loss. I don't want to do it anymore.

I am giving it one last shot in July with a commitment to do the following:

Track my calories every day in MyFitnessPal and aim to stay around 1200-1300 calories/day.
Put the FitBit back on, wear it daily, and make an effort to keep my activity and calorie intake in a balance that will result in weight loss.
Stay gluten free and reduce my sugar intake; eat mainly produce and protein.
At least take a walk, ride the bike, or swim five days a week minimum. I believe this is *key* to my losing a significant amount of weight.
By the end of the month, have a consistent strength training routine 2-3 days a week.

If I cannot stick to this for the month of July, I quit.

Eight years is enough, so either I'm about to make a big turnaround and start losing this weight for the last time, or I'm done blogging about it.

That said, I won't ever give up on trying to be healthier and lose weight... I just won't be blogging about it until there is something truly new to report.

Friday, June 26, 2015


What a beautiful early morning for a road trip! We are heading out on a three day trip (just myself and my two youngest kids; the others all have to work) to relax and enjoy the forest, mountains, rivers and all of nature! We're staying in a cabin in the woods. This is my favorite kind of trip. I love to be outdoors and always come back refreshed. So excited!

My weight has been stable at 240 pounds, even with counting calories most of the week (1200-1250). I had one day that I stopped counting mid-day and probably ended up around 1500, and another day I went to a potluck and could not figure up an accurate count... again, I am guessing 1500-1600. I brought fresh steamed broccoli and ate gluten free/grain free (deviled eggs. chili, sweet potatoes, fruit, and a cranberry blue cheese salad). My knee is 80% better, so I will be putting the compression sleeve back on so I can do some hiking on our trip. Might do some swimming, too! When I get back home I am going to try biking again and see how the knee holds up to that.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!

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