Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Week Off Junk, and Weigh In

Last week I got pretty mad about my current fat situation and was feeling lousy because in the week prior I had been screwing around with donuts and M&Ms and not eating enough healthy stuff. So this week I posted all my menus in posts and comments and shared what I am doing. I got some support and some criticism, including that I am now "starving" myself and living on "crumbs." Well apparently I am not starving myself enough because the scale only went down about half a pound this week.

The good thing is I succeeded in what I wanted to do, which was get off the junk and sugar, and eat a lot lower carb and healthier foods. I've done that. I am out of the "sugar fog" and got through the withdrawals okay. I am not planning to go super low carb (Atkins style, 20g a day or such) because I have done that before and felt lousy. When I was counting carbs I picked 100 grams/day as my upper limit. I found when I eat less than about 65 grams/day I just feel unwell. When I feel like I want something sweet, I reach for berries or whatever fresh fruit is in the house. A great thing that happened this week is my rosacea improved a lot. Last week it was about the worst it has ever been, and now it is very mild. That means inflammation is down, and I'm very happy about that.

I want to clarify my "plan" because some commenters seem confused about what I am trying to do.

stay off junk
lose weight
reduce inflammation/feel better
eat the smallest portions possible to satisfy, but more often to keep blood sugar steady and give me energy (thus the small meals and frequent snacks)
eat as infrequently as I can without symptoms (wait until actually hungry to eat)
drink a lot of non-caloric or at least low calorie/no carb beverages instead of eating

If I end up having some days that are really low calorie, so be it. I take vitamins, I eat plenty of protein and always include fruits and vegetables, and I'm off the junk. I'm not counting calories or weighing my food or any of that, because it makes me feel obsessive. This is something I have *not* tried before: eating a lot less, but making healthy choices, without measuring and counting. I will adjust until I get results on the scale.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Another Day Getting Off Sugar

I had a sugar withdrawal headache and was pretty tired for most of the day, but tonight after my final snack I feel a lot better. I think I am over the hump and everything will get easier after today.

black decaf coffee
iced coffee with half and half
handful of sugar snap peas, raw
a few olives, maybe 2 tablespoons of roasted sunflower seeds
bottled water
Wonderslim protein crackers, peach salsa, bit of sour cream
plain iced tea
a few cherries
Dinner, on the run:
2 slices of deli ham wrapped around a light string cheese
After dinner, I was at a concert with friends and started to feel shaky and dizzy. I could literally feel my blood sugar bottoming out (I have had swings of low blood sugar before, which is why I was on Victoza to regulate my blood sugar levels. The new insurance won't cover it because I am not diabetic, so I'm not on it now). I ate 3 peppermints that I keep in my purse for this kind of thing and felt better.
Evening snack:
one serving of high protein/low carb cereal with blueberries and unsweetened almond milk

I decided to add Friday's food onto this post instead of making a new post for it. I think I am pretty steady on my intake now and won't be posting all my food to my blog every day.


black decaf coffee
fresh juice from a juice bar (I watched them make it) containing 1/2 cucumber, bunch of kale, half a lime, 5 celery stalks, and a Granny Smith apple.
5 or 6 raspberries

1 bratwurst, sliced onion and a big handful of spinach sauteed in about a teaspoon of avocado oil
iced coffee with stevia and a splash of half and half

about a half cup of Eggbeaters mixed with 2 ounces of light cream cheese, cinnamon, and stevia, cooked in a frying pan with just enough butter to coat, with about half a cup of fresh blueberries sprinkled on and flipped. Really filling and good.

Bedtime snack:
Wonderslim protein wafers

Have a great weekend!

Weight, Food

Scale's not moving.

black decaf coffee
iced coffee with cream, Kay's Naturals protein pretzels
Lunch: slice of apple, a few olives, protein bar
protein water
Wonderslim protein crackers and a little sour cream
plain iced tea, a few olives
potluck dinner: half a plate of raw vegetables (salad mix, cucumbers, carrots) with a small amount of dressing (about a tablespoon), one deviled egg half, 1/4 plate of fruit (melon, berries, grapes), one small spoon of potato salad, 5 potato chips.
Evening: a few olives

Note, I am using up this box of low carb, high protein foods that I've had for awhile now. Most were sent to me to review or for free to try and some I got at a discount. I figure I may as well use them up since they make good crutches while getting off junk or trying to cut carbs, but aside from the occasional bar or shake I don't plan to keep them in my diet long term. They are easy portions and generally between 100 and 160 calories, 0 to 15 grams of carbs, 10 to 15 grams of protein.

The cream in my coffee is half and half. I use 1 to 2 tablespoons in a large glass. When I get coffee out, I get cold brew or Americano, which is made with water and no milk. I get no sweetener or sugar free syrup in coffee. I think if I am out and get an iced tea or granita from now on instead of 1-2 pumps of syrup I will go with no sweetener. Then the tea has basically no calories. Thanks for the comments on the last post.

Will eat less today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Boring, But Oh Well

Some of the more boring posts on my blog are where I write down what I am eating. I don't do it often, but when I am making changes or trying a new plan I do like to have a record of what I had and how it's going. It's very helpful for me to look back and see what I have done and the results.

So if you don't like reading menus and boring stuff skip this one, but if you have any feedback on my menus yesterday and today I welcome it. I don't usually ask for menu feedback but I am open to input right now because I have no set plan and really don't know what I am doing besides trying to eat less, fewer carby foods, and using what I have (CSA box, frozen pastured meats, fresh fish, and a box of protein bars and shakes and such).

Morning: black decaf coffee, iced coffee with a little cream and sugar free vanilla, 3 protein bites (kind of like mini protein bars, 7 in a serving) Was in a hurry to get things done and get on the road for a medical trip.
Lunch (on the road, restaurant): salad made of mixed greens, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, black olives, and blue cheese with crumbled bacon and a sliced hard boiled egg on top. Ranch dressing on the side, used maybe a tablespoon.
On the drive home: Starbucks iced tea granita with half the syrup.

It's almost 6:30 and I am about to drink a big glass of water, steam a bowl of fresh local broccoli, and top it with a melted slice of American cheese. That's dinner.

If I get hungry later I will have something small like a few cherries, almonds or sliced turkey breast.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Another Day 1

After I wrote that post yesterday I was absolutely determined to first, make a plan to go visit my friend and second, get this weight off. Today I talked to her on the phone for an hour and we are both excited that I'll be taking my daughter and maybe youngest son to visit her before the end of summer. Thank you for the very interesting discussion in the comments, too. I appreciate the insights.

Today the goals were: get off the junk and carbs and eat a lot less.

Breakfast: black decaf coffee, 2 bacon, 1/4 of an avocado
iced coffee with cream and stevia
Lunch: I made this soup Creamy Leek and Salmon Soup but made some modifications to cut the calories: used cooking spray instead of butter, about 1/4 the amount of salmon and only about 1/3 cup of coconut milk instead of 1 3/4 cup. I also used shallots instead of leeks because that's what I had. I added some Mrs. Dash and some dried dill as well. This made a less creamy, more broth-y soup with a lot less fat and calories. I like this soup and have a feeling I'll be eating a lot more soups, because they are mostly broth and filling without being caloric. Had one small bowl for lunch.

low carb AIP salmon soup

Snack when hungry: some cherries
more iced coffee with cream (I use 1 to 2 Tbsp per large glass)
Dinner: another bowl of salmon soup.
Very hungry so I had a packet of "protein balls" that is pretty low calorie, high protein, low carb. I have a box of protein bars, shake packets, and other low carb foods left from reviews I have done and things I got for free, and I will use these when I am really hungry. They sell those protein balls at Walmart pretty cheap.
I found some packets of "protein water" stuff in my box. It's 60 calories, grape flavored, and only protein (no carbs) so I put it in my water bottle with some ice and sipped it when I got hungry.
Before bed I was having major carb/sugar withdrawals and feeling starved. I ate a few pork rinds, 2 slices of cheese, and a handful of cherries and felt much better.
I drank a lot of water and made sure I took all of my vitamins and supplements.

A good "day 1" of getting back off the junk and carbs. Will do it again tomorrow.