Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weigh In and "Lower" Carb

It's Sunday yet again and time for my weekly weigh in. I weigh every day and track the results on a graph, but I count my official loss or gain each week on Sundays. Last week I weighed 224 pounds. This morning I got on the scale and saw 220. That's a good number! Four pounds gone this week.

I'm still taking phentermine and I'm also still eating smaller portions and "lower" carbs. I guess my diet is not technically LOW carb, because people who eat low carb tend to stay completely away from grains, potatoes, beans, and sometimes even fruit. I do still eat those things but in small amounts and infrequently. I learned on Medifast that eating no more than 15g of carbs in a sitting keeps my blood sugar level. I am flexible with that number, though, and sometimes have 20 or 25g in a sitting... but that's not very often. A lot of my meals have no carbs at all. So it balances out, and no food is off limits, and I learn to control myself and make choices based on my health. It's working and the weight continues to come off. If you'd like to see what I'm eating, you can see everything that has gone into my mouth since Wednesday on my Instagram: lynescapes Instagram.

Here's to another great week and a joyful Christmas season!

Friday, December 8, 2017

My Food Journal on Instagram

Good morning and HAPPY Friday! I am so looking forward to this weekend and getting into the Christmas spirit. My daughter and I plan to get out all the Christmas boxes after school today and get the house decorated, and then tomorrow my son and his girlfriend will help us go pick out a Christmas tree, load it on top of the car, and bring it home. We'll get it decorated on Sunday and maybe I will even wrap the *one* present I have bought so far to put under it! Yep, I really need to get shopping.

I am feeling so much more energetic with this weight off lately. I love being able to do lots of activities in a day without being completely wiped out, red faced and sweating after something as small as vacuuming or mopping. It finally feels good to move again. If you've never weighed 250+ pounds, you should really try strapping enough weight onto your body to total 250 and then try going about your day. It is exhausting!! Seriously, throw some weights into a backpack and strap it on and go grocery shopping, do some laundry, and vacuum the house. It just about kills you if you can do it at all. I am just so thankful to be back here again, and I know it will just get better as the next 50 comes off.

I've started posting my meals to my Instagram account for two reasons: 1) my phentermine-prescribing doctor told me at my last visit that I need to "journal" my food at least some of the time while I am losing weight. She said I didn't have to measure or count calories if I don't want to (although doing that on occasion will give me useful information), but to at least write down what I eat for what meals. She said when I am off phentermine she wants me to be able to look back and see what was working so I can either copy or modify it for maintenance. So by snapping a quick picture of anything I eat before it goes in my mouth and then posting it on Instagram, I have an accurate record of what I ate each day. And 2) because people ask me what I am eating and this is way easier and less boring than typing it out on my blog all the time. Right now I am posting everything I eat each day and will do that for at least a week, maybe longer. I always start off with coffee, so each day's food is between the coffees (that makes it easier to see what I eat in one day).

If you're interested in seeing my intake on phentermine, my Instagram account name is lynescapes. Here's a link: LynEscapes on Instagram.

Can't wait to see if I reach my secret weight goal by January 1! I'll share when we get there!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Recipe: Low Carb Sausage Gravy

A food I have enjoyed for most of my adult life is biscuits and gravy for breakfast. And I admit I can make a really good sausage gravy, too! But sadly, it's not something that's at all suitable for a low carb diet. The gravy is thickened with flour, and of course having it served over any kind of biscuits is just not feasible if you want to stay low carb. But a couple of years ago when I was looking over the "free breakfast" offerings at a hotel where we were staying, I had an idea. Their spread was a big carb festival: cereals, pastries, waffles, and biscuits and gravy. But there were also hard boiled eggs. Kind of a boring breakfast, but oh well. As I put my two hard boiled eggs into a Styrofoam bowl, I had an idea. I wondered, how would the sausage gravy taste over eggs? And how many carbs IS in that gravy? It wasn't a particularly busy morning at the hotel, so I asked one of the ladies filling the buffet what type of gravy it was, and she pointed to a huge can of sausage gravy back in the kitchen area. She even brought it out for me to look at; it had only 2 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup! I was surprised; that's less than half the carbs in homemade sausage gravy. Ever since then, one of my staples at hotel breakfasts is eggs (hard boiled or scrambled) topped with a bit of sausage gravy.

But what about at home? This morning, I was wishing I could have some eggs and sausage gravy, but I don't buy the canned stuff, so I searched online for "low carb sausage gravy recipes." The resulting recipes all contained weird ingredients and thickeners like xanthan gum, and I didn't want to bother with that. But I noticed one of the suggestions in the search bar was "low carb sausage gravy cream cheese." And I thought... hey. That would work! Cream cheese as a thickener! And so I set about making myself one serving of low carb sausage gravy. Here's the very simple recipe:

raw breakfast sausage (one patty's worth)
regular or light cream cheese, one rounded tablespoon
half and half, 2 tablespoons
water, salt, and black pepper

First fry and brown the sausage in a frying pan. Then add the half and half and the cream cheese and stir until melted. It will be way too thick. Very slowly add water until you get a gravy like consistency (or a little thinner). Stir and heat. Let it cook for a few minutes to blend the flavors. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can also add any seasonings you like. Serve over warm hard boiled or scrambled eggs. Really good!

low carb sausage gravy

Who needs biscuits anyway? Not me!

Enjoy your protein!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


The other day when I got up, I realized that the only shirts I had clean were short sleeved tees. It is COLD here in the mornings, and I really wanted a long sleeved shirt to wear under my sweater. So I did something I haven't done in years: I opened the right side of my bedroom closet where I'd hidden all of my clothes that are too small. Now don't get me wrong. A LONG time age I took the clothes I used to wear at 175-190 pounds and boxed them up or put them in the very bottom drawers of the "spare clothes" dresser where they have stayed since 2011. (Wow, 2011! Seven years since I weighed 199. How could it be that long??) But I did weigh in the 210's for much of 2013, so those clothes were left hanging, but moved to the other, "too small" side of my closet since then. But the other day, I reached in and pulled out a random long sleeved shirt, crossed my fingers, and tried it on. It fit! It wasn't even tight! I was pretty stoked. And every morning since then, I reach in and pull out another long sleeved shirt... and it fits! I have a whole new stash of clothes to wear now, and can get rid of some of the bigger shirts I've been wearing. This makes me super happy.

This Sunday when I saw 224 pounds on the scale, I had to stop and think: when is the last time I saw that number?? It's been awhile, even though I have been trying and have gotten close a couple of times. Going by my Weight By Month page, I have not seen a weight this low since November of 2013. This is the smallest I have been in *four years*! I am really thrilled. I am back down a total of 54 pounds from when I started this blog, so that's more than halfway back to my grand total of 103 pounds lost. I have 49 more to go to hit my low of 175. My 100 Pounds Gone pictures are so encouraging to me now. I think 2018 will be my year!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Weigh In

I just got home from another medical trip for one of my kids, and we were in a hotel, eating on the road, sitting in the car for hours, etc. I always expect a little gain after a road trip, but this time I was pleased to see no gain. I weighed 224 pounds the day we left, and 224 pounds when we got back. That's a win for me! In fact that's 4 pounds gone this week (3 re-losing the Thanksgiving bloat plus 1 fresh pound).

So I started November weighing 232 pounds which gives me a loss of 8 pounds for the month. That's the same loss as October and I'm pretty happy about it! It feels so good to be "less fat" and this weight is a lot more tolerable (less miserable) than 260+. Let's see what I can do this month with Christmas and New Year's Eve and all the celebrations, parties, and food that surrounds the holidays.

I feel soooo much better eating less! I think about food less because I have a pretty limited daily menu I choose from, but I don't feel deprived because on special occasions I still can choose to eat any food I want. This feels like something I can continue always. The only catch is whether I will still feel that way once I am off the phentermine.